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Netop Live Guide Chat improves customer satisfaction, increases efficiency and maximizes sales.

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With Live Guide you can be available when and where your customers need you.

Reduce customer service costs

Support multiple customers simultaneously with live chat, and use predefined answers to reduce response times.

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Be prepared, with canned messages

Engage your customers and boost sales

Assist your website visitors proactively with live chat and turn them into customers while increasing average order size and reducing cart abandonment.

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Solutions, not just features

We believe in finding solutions. Sometimes a specific live chat feature is the answer, but it needs to be the right feature. That’s why we tailor-make a solution for you.

Live chat will improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and maximize sales

Provide best in class customer service

Act where and when your customers need support on your website. With better, faster yet personal customer service you will improve first time case resolution.

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Vertu Motors plc
"The chat solution is fantastic and any little issues we have had has been rectified very quickly.  It is refreshing that when you do have an issue there is always someone to turn to instead of sending an email and waiting days or even weeks for a response." -- Phil Solomon, Digital Customer Experience Team Manager
"The most important criteria for us was that with Live Guide Chat, we could quickly go live with a good and secure solution." -- Joan Mai, Head of department
"We would recommend Live Guide to to others - and, in fact, have - based on our experience, which has been outstanding." -- Heather Fixler, AVP of Project Management

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Chatbots can be your first line of support, making sure your team can focus on providing even better customer service. And we can tailor-make a chatbot for you!

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