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The way you provide customer service has been forever changed by technology and social media. Now, customers expect to be able to leave a comment on your Facebook page or tweet at you—and get a reply, and not in a few days but in hours. Sure, some might still email you, but more and more people expect to live chat you and talk in real time with someone about problems or solutions. And the next big wave in customer service is growing, too: video chat.

More and more companies are finding that video chat provides them with an edge over their competitors. But video chat is tricky, too, because it needs to be done well or else it can go south, probably more quickly than many other types of customer service responses. But done well and it can provide an unmatched way to build on new and existing customer relationships. So what do you need to do? This graphic explains it.

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6 Tips to Remember When Using Video Chat for Customer Service

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