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We’ve all used a remote control device to turn on a television or some other electrical appliance. Have you ever experienced service remotely though? Well, sometimes a service agent will be working with a customer and find that asking a series of questions is not sufficient to diagnose the problem they’re experiencing. Even if the customer service agent has already determined the issue, they may not be able to easily guide their client to resolution solely by verbal or written instruction. When you really need to see the other computer screen or actually take corrective action on behalf of your customer, what can you do? You could send out a service representative or you could assist them via remote view and remote assistance.

See what your customers are seeingRemote view
This option allows your service agent to actually see their customer’s computer screen.  A remote view session is started when your customer clicks on a link provided by your operator. This launches a small executable program on both the agent’s and customer’s computers.

Remote assistance
In addition to viewing, remote assistance allows service agents to provide remote control assistance, share files and co-browse with the click of a button. Your operators are then able to assist customers with the completion of forms, the navigation of your site, the resolution of technical issues, and the sharing of resources. A remote assistance session is initiated the same way as a remote view session – by the customer clicking on a link to launch a small executable program.

secure chatWhat about security?
For both remote view and remote assistance, be sure that the platform you select includes the logging of all activity via secure line encryption and recording of the entire session. You also want to be sure that all traces of use are deleted at the end of each session. This prevents the risk of future access without consent.

The benefits of assisting remotely
Some of the benefits of including remote view and remote assistance capabilities in your live chat platform are:

  • The ability to address more customer issues – Some issues require more than just video or audio chat. They require that you be able to view what the customer is seeing on their computer or that you can control their computer remotely. This allows you to do demos, assist with form completion, offer technical assistance, and more, in a more timely fashion. 
  • More first-call resolutions – Remote view and remote control make it possible to see what the customer is dealing with and to more effectively resolve issues all within one call. It eliminates the need to call back or to schedule an appointment for a technician to visit the customer in person. The result – faster resolution in just one call, more consistently.
  • Improved service experience for customers – These functions allow for a more personalized experience. They reduce time spent by the customer describing what they’re seeing or experiencing, and by agents explaining how to locate things or how to perform functions, as well as time to resolution. This eliminates frustration and improves the service experience for the customer. 
  • Reduced costs – Agents are able to answer inquiries and resolve issues more rapidly for each customer with remote view and assistance capabilities. This reduces the cost per contact as well as the number of operators required to effectively provide service.
  • Increased efficiency – Rapid resolution not only reduces costs, it means that each representative is able to successfully handle more calls per hour than they could previously.
  • Greater customer satisfaction and retention – The ability to address more diverse issues, increased first-call resolutions, and an improved service experience all add up to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

With all these resulting improvements, why wouldn’t you want to include Remote View and Remote Assistance in your live chat solution? Live Guide Chat offers these options and more to create a secure, tailor-made live chat solution for you. If you’d like to learn more contact us to speak with a specialist or to schedule a demo.

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