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More than 60% of in-market car buyers select their brand, model and price range before visiting a dealership. They take up to 24 weeks to complete the buying process. And since consumers are purchasing cars less frequently, there’s a shrinking pool of potential buyers, making it critically important for dealers to engage prospects early and often, to win their business.

Chat car dealershipMost of the buyer’s journey takes place digitally and includes third party sites, social media and dealership websites. Plus, the ability to take virtual tours of vehicles, read reviews as well as obtain pricing and financing options online facilitates their decision-making process. It leaves dealers less opportunity, and later in the process, to influence prospective buyer’s selections. And this includes the most critical one, which car dealership they’ll go to when they’re ready to purchase their vehicle of choice.

Auto dealer chat

Fortunately, today’s car dealerships have the ability to be present in all the digital places in-market car shoppers visit while doing their online research. Auto dealers often leverage search advertising, social media and third party sites in their marketing plans. If you’re going to take the time to create such a presence, shouldn’t you also be available to answer prospective buyers’ questions there as well? If you don’t, they’re likely to go to a competitor instead.

You have the website
– use it to beat the competition!

Live chat makes it possible for you to be available when and where your prospects do their research, to answer questions in their moment of need. Plus it allows car dealerships to capture valuable prospect data engaging more prospects earlier in the car buying journey. This enables you to beat the competition. Here’s how:

Chat makes dealerships available wherever in-market car buyers are online

A live chat platform that allows you to be everywhere enables your dealership to be available on social media, internet ads and email as well as on your own website. This facilitates answering consumers’ questions whenever and wherever they have them. Why not use auto dealer chat for your sales goals?

Chat provides responses when prospects want them,

which is typically immediately. Today’s car buyer is impatient and wants answers to their questions without delay. If they can’t get them from you right away, you risk losing the opportunity to engage interested prospects to start developing a relationship with them. Plus, live chat provides rapid answers, eliminating the need to hold to speak with a sales rep or await a response via email.

Chat makes communication effortless and discrete

Car dealer chat

Being available everywhere potential car buyers go, means they don’t need to visit your website or pick up the phone to get answers to their questions. This makes it easy for them to communicate with you while attracting them and increasing the odds you’ll become their dealer of choice. Not only is this effortless for your prospects, it’s a discrete method of communication they’ll appreciate. This simplifies their research while at work or anywhere they don’t want to make a call. Plus it eliminates the need for them to wait for an email response.

Auto dealer chat – gather customer intelligence and other key metrics

You’ll know more about site visitors before they ever engage with you through the lead data collected by your live chat platform. This information includes what search terms prospects used to find your site, giving you deeper insights around what they may be seeking. You can also track how long visitors are on your site and know what they viewed while there.

When combined with previous chat history, this information facilitates more personalized communication. Plus it eliminates the need for site visitors to provide context relating to previous inquiries during each interaction. This creates the desired seamless experience for prospective buyers. And that is a big deal since 70% of consumers say connected processes are very important to win their business. Plus geographical information, captured by chat solutions makes it possible for chats to be routed to representatives with the right language skills. This minimizes the chances of a language barrier and improves customer experiences.

Chat increases trust, loyalty and customer retention

Today’s consumer is more concerned about security than ever before. A secure live chat solution protects and encrypts sensitive online interactions which builds trust with your audience. It enables you to easily share your privacy policy to ensure GDPR compliance. Not only does live chat connect you with potential new car buyers throughout their buyer journey, it facilitates communication with existing customers as well. In fact, research shows that consumers feel that moving steps in the service process online improves the experience. Plus, it’s been found that live chat is the preferred method of communication over phone and email, resulting in superior customer experiences. According to research, 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. The same study showed that positive experiences build trust and as a result 95% of customers are more likely to be loyal patrons if they trust a company.

Would you like to beat the competition?

Beat the competition with live chat

Isn’t it time you considered using live chat? Get started before your competitors for maximum benefit and beat the competition. You’ll capture more leads, engage them, influence their purchase decisions and become the dealership of choice. Using live chat gives you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Live Guide Chat offers a tailor-made chat solution that enables you to offer live chat everywhere. If you’d like to learn more, contact us to speak with a specialist. Make sure you have your auto dealer chat working for you. Or you could just test drive our live chat solution after scheduling a demo. 

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