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What are the benefits of using canned messages in chat for customer service? And the pitfalls?

If you are working in customer service, you will be painfully familiar with having to answer the same questions over and over.

You may have an elaborate FAQ on your website, but most likely you will still experience that customers ask common questions. In these situations, you can send a canned message with a link directly to the answer on your FAQ.

By using canned messages – also known as prepared responses – when chatting, you can save yourself and your customers a lot of time. Rather than typing out commonly used phrases, agents have access to a selection of pre-made messages and can issue a response with a click of a button.

It will shorten your response times and save keystrokes on repetitive typing. Furthermore, you reduce typing mistakes in foreign names, complex addresses, common expressions, URLs or virtually anything that you type repeatedly.

When your chat operators become more efficient and effective operating costs are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.

Bottom line benefits of canned messages

  • Save time for you AND the customer
  • Provide consistent responses and reduce typos
  • Decrease onboarding time of agents
  • Encourage hands-on training and free up senior talent
  • Reduce operating cost

Things to consider when using canned messages

Most companies want their customer service to be personal. Canned messages are designed to automate parts of the conversation and augment your professional profile and customer service, by having a set of pre-written responses, so both you, and the customer save time.

You should however, use this feature with good judgment, because too many canned messages can make your customers think they’re talking to a machine rather than a real person. To mitigate the risk of this, you can customize the canned message whenever appropriate.

How to make the most of canned messages

By using available logging and reporting tools you can determine which pre-written messages are most effective thus allowing you to build ideal responses into the system. Review these responses with your chat operators on an ongoing basis with the aim to edit and optimize your prepared responses for maximum efficiency and effectiveness:

Create canned messages according to an existing script and/or success of existing canned messages.

Use canned messages when possible. For a more personal touch, agents can customize the message before sending it.

Monitor which canned responses are most frequently used and place them in more accessible locations. Correlate resolution times with canned messages by problem type.

Using the correlation between response times and canned messages used, find underperforming messages.

Rewrite underperforming canned messages to increase the overall resolution rate.

When to use canned messages

Here are a couple of suggestions on when you can use canned messages during your chat with the customer. Depending on your business there will be more situations where canned messages can optimize your agents’ time.

Introduce yourself and ask how you can assist the customer.

Providing instructions on what to do, sometimes in the form of a link to the FAQ.

If you have relevant promotions you can offers them to the customer during the chat.

Confirming that the customer’s query was indeed solved.

Thanking the customer for contacting you and wishing them a nice day.

Create a set of professionally designed canned messages
and train your chat agents how to use them.

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