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So, you have decided to implement chat in your customer service because you realize that this will increase your customers’ service experience.

customer service chatNo more waiting on the phone or by the mail to get the answer from your customer service department. And no more repeating the problem while being tossed between agents.

Your customers simply click on a button and there you are, ready to answer their questions.

But can you do more to make the customer service level experience even better?

There are many strategies to help you deliver excellent customer service. Delivering quick responses is one of the most powerful.

Speed matters

Similar as for keeping your customers who are contacting you by phone waiting on hold, there is also a limit to how long it is acceptable for your customer to wait for your reply by chat – however much more convenient chat is than phone.

Customers want their issue resolved quickly, and when it comes to customer service, speed can become a confidence builder and a value added competitive advantage, which will increase the loyalty of your customers and your chance of them recommending you to piers.

The need for speed and aversion to repetition is seen throughout business interactions today. Most online stores let you set up an account, so you just simply login with a password and all your delivery information is already there when you check out after purchase.

Research show that customers judge customer service experiences more on the timeliness of the interaction than on its final outcome.

In other words, you can give your customers the right answer, but if throughout the process they feel like it took more time than expected or too much effort, it’s seen as a bad experience. Here are the numbers:

  • 69% attributed their good customer service experiences to a quick resolution of their problems
  • Only 47% credited reaching the hoped-for outcome for their good customer service interaction
  • 72% blamed their bad customer service experience on having to explain their problems several times
  • 65% blamed their bad customer service experience on it taking too long to resolve

Good customer service means meeting expectations. Excellent customer service means exceeding the customer’s expectations. This also means exceeding their expectations in terms of time.

Intelligent Live Chat with Stored History and Logs

What is an acceptable waiting time for your customers of course depends on the industry and the complexity of the question, but as a rule of thumb you should not keep your customers waiting for more than a minute AND realize that the longer you wait; the higher the risk of your customer abandoning the chat. Preferably you should pick up as soon as the customer pings you. Some chat solutions allow you to automatically send a greeting message to the customer, who can then start typing their question while your staff is servicing other customers. This gives the customer a sense of being heard right from the beginning of the conversation.

Be one step ahead

What if you knew what your customer is typing before they submit their query?

preview what your customers are typingWith Chat Preview your customer service agents can see what the customer is typing in real-time, prior to submission.
Chat preview helps operators have responses ready quickly – especially for lengthier customer questions. As customers type, the operator can follow the text in progress.

The operator can then queue up prepared responses, reducing overall service time – making your contact center even more efficient, as well as giving the customer a great service experience. You can amaze your customers with surprisingly fast – and accurate – answers.

If You Snooze, You Lose

Want to know more about Chat Preview or any other chat feature? We would love to show you what Live Guide can do for your business.

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