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Implement live chat for a more efficient customer service

Increasing numbers of customers contacting your team, will often require more staff to handle customer interactions. With live chat, customer service agents can handle multiple conversations with customers in real-time.

Predefined answers for the most frequent issues, redirecting customers to web pages and routing a customer to the correct department are just some of the tools you have at your disposal to make the interaction even smoother.

This drives the cost per interaction for live chat much lower than alternative methods like phone or email support.


So, how much exactly are we talking about?

Obviously, this varies from business to business. There are loads of factors determining how large savings you will see after implementing live chat in your customer service. Like how many queries do you get on an average day. By phone and by mail? How long does an average phone call take? How many times does the email conversation bounce back and forth before the customer’s query has been resolved? How complex is your business and the queries that you get? This is determining for how many chats an agent could handle at a time.

Calculate your savings with the savings calculator

All this and probably a lot of other factors determine just how much your customer service efficiency will improve after implementing live chat. But it will improve.
A calculation taking all this into account is difficult, even more so making one that can be used as a rule of thumb. We have however, made one anyway. Try it for fun, but for a more serious estimate based on your own figures and type of business; get in touch with us.

Try our customer service calculator to see how much you could save with Live Guide.

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