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Most businesses nowadays have an online presence where they sell their products and services as well as provide service to their existing customers. These are the days of self-service. As a consequence, businesses have less and less direct contact with their current and potential customers.

This has introduced a new level – or challenge if you will – when it comes to offering that personal service which we as customers all want to experience.

Personal service is about making the customer feel like they’re doing business with a human, not a company.

So, how can you make your customers feel that they are still getting a personal service when online?

Having a chat solution on your website takes you some of the way, but in certain situations, customers prefer talking to a real person and in some industries having a face to relate to is important. This is particularly true for the financial and insurance industries, where both trust and confidentiality between customer and adviser are of the essence.

Video chat makes your online customer service more personal

video chat directly from your website

Video chat extends the value and immediacy of live chat. Imagine being able to bring the equivalent of that friendly “Hi, may I help you?” to the Internet. Using live audio and video brings a new dimension to online customer sales and service.

With video chat you can get face-to-face instantly with visitors on your site or through social media, email, SMS and online ad campaigns.

With a simple click, website visitors can communicate with your service agents using text chat and then switch seamlessly to audio and video; Suddenly, the unknown, distant customer service representative is replaced with a personal, consultative and live sales associate, providing the same level of service found in brick and mortar situations combined with the convenience and speed of the Internet.

Video chat is face-to-face service directly from your website

Agents can perform live demonstrations of your product and explain complex products or processes using visual aids.

Video chat brings a human touch to your online business and increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Sales is boosted, shopping cart abandonment is reduced and you can guide the customer through the purchasing process.

So, to summarize; using live video chat in customer service drives ROI, decreases resolution time, and increases customer satisfaction.

Video chat for personal customer service

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