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Resolve More Issues by Eliminating Downtime

Live chat helps you create a more efficient working environment for your customer service agents, and that means faster responses, higher sales and reduced operating costs.

Since chat operators can handle multiple sessions simultaneously, you save money by increasing per-agent productivity.

Multitasking in Customer Service

We can read faster than we can talk. A lot faster, actually.  This allows a support agent to handle chat conversations much faster than they would handle voice conversations.

Add to that the ability to handle several chats while the first customer is reading or typing, and you get a dramatic decrease in resolution times.


Understanding the time line

These are the elements of a simple chat :

Depending on the nature of your company and hence the level of complexity in customers’ queries, a chat operator is able to handle 4-6 – and maybe more – chats at a time. Making the flow look something like this:

There is no question, that being able to handle multiple requests is the main source to the efficiency of live chat. But of course, there are also other tools with benefits – adding to the overall increase in efficiency – when you implement live chat:

Predefined messages

Answering frequently asked questions often ends up being a big part of Customer Support. Prepared responses – or canned responses, as they are also called – for frequently asked questions speeds up resolution times and also reduces number of typos. Prepared responses can be customized to ad that personal touch.

More chat tools to increase efficiency:

  1. Collect visitor information. A pre-chat survey can clarify the customer’s pain
  2. Accept chat requests automatically to provide instance response
  3. Preview of chat and forms for a head start
  4. Route chats to the operator with the relevant expertise
  5. Give your chat agents more than one screen. One for the CRM, helpdesk or email applications, and one for the chat application.
  6. Use shortcut keys for the most used operations
  7. Use post chat surveys to keep a finger on the pulse on how customers perceive your service

Use Chat’s transactional nature and tools to your
benefit by turning operators into multi-tasking,
problem-solving, high-tech heroes.

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