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How can you give your customers “Wow” experiences?

Customers are increasingly servicing themselves digitally, either via mobile devices or personal computers.

Customers are increasingly servicing themselves digitally, either via mobile devices or personal computers. This is cost effective for the companies, but introduces a challenge in engaging customers in a way that increases satisfaction and retention.

Great customer service has great value.
Poor customer service has consequences.

Gartner surveys confirm customer experience is the new battle field: 89% of marketers expect to compete mostly based on customer experience. *)

The more exceptional a customer experience is, the more likely it is that it is shared with others

Strengthen your NPS through good customer service experiences

A higher level of customer service results in a higher NPS (Net Promoter Score) = higher recommendation willingness. This is the best way for companies to ensure business growth. Companies with a high NPS have more “promoters”; these are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and referring others, fueling growth.

Wow experiences – the quickest way to high NPS and good reviews

So, how do you deliver a wow experience?

People love people
Technology and omni-channel has pushed our expectations for customer service. Self-service and automated customer service provides new operational opportunities. But only people can provide empathy, creativity, courtesy and commitment. It is the dedicated customer service representative, that creates the stronger links between business and customers that will ensure long term relations and high NPS (Net Promoter Score).


Pay attention during and after the initial contact. Make sure you understand the customer’s needs or concerns before suggesting a solution. Make sure the solution that you suggest is right for the customer and follow up at the end of the contact by getting the customer’s confirmation that they are happy. Happy customers become valuable ambassadors.

Pro-active service

Anticipate the question and answer it before the customer can ask. Take the lead; this will reassure the customer that you know what you are doing and that you will follow through. If a customer is not satisfied, apologize and immediately suggest some solutions.


How do you do that, online?

This is where live chat is an ingenious solution. It is personal AND efficient. You even have tools that provide the information you need to deliver efficient and personalized service. Unlike the telephone where operators have limited insight into a caller’s identity and concern, live chat customer intelligence tools capture customer data and presents this to agents in real time. And with proactive chat you can engage your website visitors and convert them into customers.

BENEFITS of live chat

Provide top of the class customer service.
Act where and when your customers need support on your website.
With better, faster yet personal customer service you will improve first time case resolution.

Reduce customer service costs.
Support multiple customers simultaneously with live chat, and use predefined answers to reduce response times.

Engage your customers and boost sales.
Assist your website visitors proactively and turn them into customers while increasing average order size and reducing cart abandonment.

Would you like to know what live chat can do for your customer service?
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