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Live chat has many benefits, including improved customer satisfaction and increased service agent efficiency while reducing service-related costs. Another one, that directly impacts your company’s bottom line, is live chat’s ability to increase sales. There are many instances where using chat capabilities can do so. Here are 3 keys to increased sales with live chat for sales.

Proactively engage customers
Use various triggers to engage visitors through proactive chat at key times and locations, or based on certain behaviors, during their visit to your site. Welcome customers initially when they arrive on your site to offer general assistance in locating what they need. Engage them when they spend a certain amount of time on certain pages on your site, to answer questions. Prevent cart abandonment by proactively inviting customers to chat. It’s been found that 53% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question. Plus, offering upsell and cross-sell options during check-out will often increase the value of visitors’ purchases.

Get personal
Through customer intelligence, collected by your live chat platform, you’ll know more about your site visitors before they ever engage with you. You’ll be able to see what search terms they used to find your site and will have insights into what they may be seeking. You can also track how long they’ve been on your site and know what they’ve viewed while there. This, combined with any previous chat history, allows agents to personalize their interactions with site visitors and prevent them from repeating histories of previous questions. Geographical information, captured by chat solutions also allows chats to route to agents with the right language skills in the case of international customer service. Sales staff will be able to get up to speed before engaging them and quickly advance the sale to a close.

live chat from social mediaMeet customers where they are
Adding live chat to social media, internet ads, and email increases the odds that potential customers will become hot prospects faster. It makes it easy for them to ask their questions if hesitating before clicking on an ad link. They can learn more about an offer or gain clarification concerning a topic featured in social media, at the moment they’re thinking about it, instead of needing to take extra steps to visit your site to contact you. Making it easy will increase your sales.

Live chat for sales

Live chat solutions have the ability to significantly increase your bottom line. Proactive chat, customer intelligence, and the ability to engage prospects or customers in social media, internet ads and email are some of the functions that help to do so.

Live Guide Chat offers tailor-made chat solutions to help drive sales and conversions. To learn more about how your company may benefit from including a live chat solution in your service strategy, contact us for a demo or to speak with a specialist about chat for sales.

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