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Customer service has historically been a solo pursuit for agents. However, in recent years collaboration in customer service has become a trend. But how can your service agents effectively collaborate to improve customer service?Customer service has historically been a solo pursuit for agents. However, in recent years collaboration in customer service has become a trend. But how can your service agents effectively collaborate to improve customer service?

Team Chat Room Training SessionEnable team collaboration
There are many ways to promote collaboration between service agents. They include internal social networks, ticket queues, shared calendars, and the ability to create groups.

An excellent way to enable your service team to collaborate is through a function in your live chat platform. This option allows each agent to see, at any given moment, which other operators are currently online, which department each one is in, and if they are busy or available. It facilitates internal live chats with peers while the agent, who’s initiating this behind the scenes interaction, is in an active chat with a customer. Agents may also use this feature to check updates on operator and customer events.

Why would you want your agents to collaborate?
The obvious benefit of utilizing such an option on your live chat platform is improved customer service. There are many additional positive results attained when implementing this feature. They include:

  • Reduce customer effort – According to Harvard Business Review, “delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort, the work they must do to get their problem solved, does.” Enabling your team to chat internally, while serving customers, prevents the need for customers to initiate contact again, to be transferred to other agents, or to put any additional effort into reaching resolution during a chat.
  • Increase one-call resolution frequency – Because agents are able to communicate behind the scenes to gain assistance from others during a customer chat, it results in an increase in one-call resolutions. If the agent who is assisting the customer doesn’t know the answer to a question, or how to resolve an issue, they are able to get quick assistance from others during the chat session.
  • Shorten response times – Collaboration means that agents don’t have to know everything and they aren’t left looking through reference materials to find the information they need to assist the customer. They can simply reach out to other team members for quicker answers and issue resolution.
  • Improve response quality – Not only does collaboration shorten response times, it also improves the quality of the response provided to the customer. This is because your agents have more resources at their disposal at all times. They’re able to easily clarify or confirm information they are unsure of at a moment’s notice. No more incorrect or uncertain answers –just definite resolution, instead of the potential need for customers to revisit a topic or issue.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention – When customers receive timely, high-quality, and one-call resolutions they’re more satisfied with their experience. And satisfied customers are much easier to retain than dissatisfied ones.
  • Streamlined on-the-job training – An added bonus of team collaboration through live chat is that newer agents are able to handle customers by themselves more quickly and easily. This is true because they aren’t really alone. They have access to the entire team, including more experienced agents, while assisting customers. They learn from other team members as they’re serving customers. Plus, your senior reps will be freed up to carry on their customer service activities as well, resulting in increased productivity overall.

As you can see, there are many benefits to enabling your service agents to collaborate. Not only will you improve customer service, you’ll also improve customer satisfaction while increasing efficiencies and effectiveness. Interested in learning more about how your team may benefit from collaboration? Contact us to speak with a specialist or to schedule a demo.

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