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Chat provides faster and better customer service = more sales

You wouldn’t leave a physical shop unmanned, would you?

Get the most out of the traffic on your website with chat

Assist your online customers – exactly when they need it

Best customer service

With chat and proactive chat, you can offer unsurpassed customer service, and service your customers exactly when they need your help.

Increased efficiency

With predefined answers and chat preview, the response times are reduced and the efficiency is increased.

Higher conversion

Customers’s patience is short. Analyzes from Forrester Research show that over 50% leave the store if they can not find answers to a question immediately.

With good customer service and easy access to responses, the number of interrupted purchases is reduced and conversion rates increase significantly.

In some cases up to 40%.

Intuitive User Interface

Multiple Chat Operators
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With or without chatbot?

Meet Lilli. Lilli is a chatbot. But she can do a little more than most chatbots. And while she does not contribute a lot to the social events, we are sure that she will be your best colleague in customer service.

Everything you would expect in a chatbot:
• Answers all routine calls
• A quick learner and never forgets
• Never has a day off

And the extra:
If she can’t answer a question, she forwards to a human colleague – including chat history.

Chatbot for live chat

Live Guide Chat is completely secure and can be tailor-made for you

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