Live Guide can provide real time data from the application. This information can be used for various scenarios like:

  • Integration with wallboard displays
  • Integration with phone software systems requiring operator availability
  • Integration with external statistics regarding the operators.

It includes information regarding:

  • Number of people in the queue
  • Maximum waiting time
  • Operators logged in
  • Status of the operators
  • Number of chats the operator is in


To retrieve real time data from Live Guide a REST API needs to be used.

To ensure that only authorized users pull reports, the very first parameter must be an access token which is available from Live Guide Administration only. It can be retrieved under Settings > Security > Access Token)


https://[server]/lg/export/status.php?token=[access token]{&format=[format type]}{&perDepartment=[true|false]}

Example 00000000000000000000000000000000&format=xml&perDepartment=true

The above example contains a sample secure token (in red, color codes added for clarity) and the type of data (in green).

The example will retrieve current real time data in an XML format.

Below is a complete list of parameters


Parameter nameMandatory?Description

The token is a string of 32 characters which is randomly generated.

The token is used to authenticate any user who wants to retrieve real time data.

The token must be generated from Live Guide Administration from Settings >Security >Access token.


This parameter is used for choosing the format of the output.

The two possible options are xml or json.

If the parameter is not defined, it will default to json

perDepartmentnoDisplays in queue and maximum waiting time for each online department.
Default value is false.



You can see a sample result coming from the API.



“name”:”John Smith”,


Parameter nameDescription
global > customers > inqueueNumber of users in the queue.
global > customers >maxWaitingMaximum waiting time in the queue.
departmentsArray of all online departments.
departments > attributes > idThe id of the department.
departments > attributes > nameThe name of the department.
departments > customersArray with customer information for a department.
departments > customers > inqueueNumber of customers in the queue for a department.
departments > customers > maxWaitingMaximum waiting time in the queue for a department.
operatorsArray of all logged in operators.
operators > attributes > nameName of the operator.
operators > attributes > emailEmail of the operator.
operators > statusStatus of the operator (available or busy).
operators > chatsNumber of customer chats that the operator is involved in.
operators > departmentsAn array including all the departments the operator is in.
operators > departments >idThe id of the department.
operators > departments >nameThe name of the department.


  • The parameters can be given in any sequence.
  • The must be NO spaces in the list of parameters.
  • Parameters must be separated by ampersands (“&”).