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Service and efficiency are key when running a customer support department. Apart from keeping your staff well-trained and highly motivated, there are various tools available to help you achieve an efficient customer service. One of the most efficient tools is live chat. It is simple and beneficial to both company and customers and has a ROI that makes you wonder why not every customer service department has it in place already.

Move customer interaction to a cheaper channel 

Efficient Customer ServiceChat is a much cheaper way of communicating than email and phone. It is so much faster than email for both parties involved and since agents can handle multiple conversations at the same time, the efficiency compared to phone can’t be denied.

When you have live chat on your website as a means of communicating with your customers or the visitors to your website, some of the interactions you would have on phone or email will move to chat. This much is for sure. How much, depends on how well you promote this channel.

See significant increase in efficiency

With live chat, operators can assist several customers at any time. That is efficient customer service. Useful tools like canned messages and chat preview ads to efficiency of the operators as well as giving the customer the best and fastest possible service and answer to their queries.

Sell more

Live chat is a brilliant tool to help you sell more. If you have a website where people can only reach you either by calling or writing, you are not able to assist them at the exact moment when they need your help. Research shows that only around 2% of website visitors actually end up buying something in that particular session. If you reach out to your visitors before they leave your page, you will be able to increase this number significantly.

There are two ways that chat can help you sell more:

Efficient customer serviceEngage with more customers via proactive chat

By proactively reaching out to customers who seem to need your help, you are able to engage them into a dialogue where you can help them find the product or service they need, just as you would in a physical shop.


Once you have people on the chat, be it on their own or your initiative, you have a unique opportunity to sell more to them. Either by selling a more expensive product to them or by offering complementary products. Or even just by making them aware of a special offer you have running.

So, how can you manage how much interaction is moved to chat?

You can – at least partly – manage how much of your customer interaction is moved to the cheaper and more efficient communication channel.

By placing the chat entrances in places where customers are most likely to want to ask for help or even reach out proactively to them, you can increase the use of chat and hence adjust how much of your customer interaction you want to flow in through this channel.Proactive Chat

So, how much can you save?

Try our Savings Calculator with your own numbers to see how much much you can save by implementing live chat.


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