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More than 100 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat by 2018 for customer-facing interactions, according to a report by Gartner Inc.

Driven by the fast growth of mobile devices and companies’ sense of urgency to deliver excellent customer experience as a competitive differentiator, video chat for customer interactions is rapidly rising toward an innovation peak. Entering 2015, Gartner estimates that more than 50 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat by 2018 for customer-facing interactions. This is set to double in three years.

At Netop, that’s no surprise.  We were one of the pioneers in video chat for customer service, with audio and video available as part of our Live Guide live chat software since its inception, and we’ve seen the benefits that face to face interaction can provide. While text chat is all about efficiency of service, video chat provides a friendlier, more personalized experience that helps to establish trust and build strong customer relationships. Organizations ranging Amazon and other retailers, to banks and insurance companies, pharmacies and even municipalities are seeing the value of video chat. (For a great example, check out this video case study from the Redwood City Police Department.)

Video chat provides customers with a richer sense of presence, personalized experience by helped coordination of communication and the support of emotional expression, and the real-time sharing of content,” said Brian Manusama, research director at Gartner. “Video, enabled by increased bandwidth, has been out there in the marketplace for some years. The past year, an increased number of vendors have embarked on this trend with either point solutions or are integrated in current solution suites. This is a trend that will continue in 2015.

Will video chat be part of your customer experience plan?

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