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So, how can you get the most out of the traffic to your website?

You are probably spending time optimizing your page to attract the relevant visitors – or you pay someone to do it. Just as you pay for advertising space on various relevant platforms.

But why just expect that when the customer enters your site, they will automatically and unassisted find exactly what they are looking for – that is if they know what they are looking for – and make the purchase?

Studies show that over 50% leave a page if they can not quickly get answers to their questions. Where do they go? Someone may need to consider the purchase some more before buying, others may go to the competition. And others just get distracted and do something else.

Only slightly less than 3% of your visitors actually buy something, while almost 10% actually adds something to the shopping basket. It is a difference that is worth giving some consideration.

Try to imagine a physical store where there was no one to serve you. No one to ask for advice and no one to suggest alternative solutions. Not a real nice a situation, eh?

It is therefore surprising that many websites still don’t have chat.

Would you leave a physical shop unmanned?

There are many situations where a potential customer can leave your site:

  • They can’t immediately understand the page structure
  • They can’t immediately find what they need
  • They find what they need, but have supplementary questions
  • They have questions about delivery / payment
  • etc. etc.

All these visitors have every reason not to become customers. Of course, some of them may just have hit your page in error, but whatever the cause, it’s a waste of traffic. Waste of traffic can’t be avoided, but it can be minimized.

With live chat you have an extra sales person

One thing that could reduce wasted traffic – or increase conversions, if you will – is by “manning” your site by offering customers the opportunity to chat with your customer service.

Chat has the advantage over email, that the customer can get an answer right away. Like on the phone. But unlike the phone, the customer can sit in peace at his computer, or whatever communication device he or she prefers, without anyone else listening.

For the company, it has the undeniable advantage over the phone that the operator can handle more than one single request at a time. So, the efficiency is increased, while the customer experiences a good and personal service.

If you do not have staff for manning the chat, you can choose a solution with a chatbot that can be trained to answer the simplest and most frequently asked questions.

The chatbot can then transfer the more complex queries which it can’t answer to its human colleagues, who can then focus one these more complicated questions. That’s smart, right?

Proactive chat

With proactive chat, you can automatically contact visitors on your site, who just needs a small nudge to move on in the process and become a customer of yours.

Proactive chat acts as the sales person who contacts you to find out if you need help. Maybe you have looked at a product, but are not sure if that’s what you want. The seller notes that you express interest, but seem unsure. The experienced sales person identifies this as a crucial point in the purchase process and wishes to assist you.

Similarly, the proactive chat can contact your visitors at the crucial time before reaching the pain point and leaving your page. Maybe they are unsure if it is the exact product they want, or maybe they do not know how to fill in a form. With proactive chat you can help them and make sure they have all the information they need to make their decision.

Help your customers proactively

Proactive chat sends an invitation to chat to visitors to your site, anywhere on your site. You decide which criteria should be the basis for the automatic activation of the proactive chat. It may be timed (after a certain amount of time), page-based (visitors to a certain page are contacted), action-oriented (after performing one or more actions on the page) or a combination of some of these.

You can say that proactive chat maximizes all the benefits that chat provides. The processes can be automated so that new chat sessions automatically flow to the right operators with the necessary information so that customer service can provide the right assistance at the very right time. Like the perfect sales person in a physical store.

More sales and upsales

When the employee chats with the customer, it is possible to draw attention to special offers, complementary goods, etc. So, in addition to reducing interrupted purchases by up to 30%, the average order size will typically be increased by at least 20%.

It’s tempting to say: What’s not to like? Therefore, it is puzzling that numerous websites still do not have chat as a natural opportunity to get in touch with the company.

If you want to know more about what chat can do for your business, feel free to contact us. Even if you just want a little sparring about how to optimize the use of the chat you’ve already implemented, but do not think you’re getting the most out of it.

Do you want to get the most out of the traffic to your website with live chat?

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