Convert more online visitors into real sales leads

Live chat for car dealerships can help you reach out to online visitors at the exactly right time

Whether your business is automobile sales, leasing, parts, or service, live chat will enable you to engage with online visitors

People who are looking to buy a new car, or looking for service for their current car, will most likely visit your website before visiting the dealership.
And they will also visit competitors’ websites. So being available is crucial if you want the business.

Research shows that loyalty is build quickly if the customer feel they get answers to their questions and that the dealership rep understand their needs.

Having live chat for car dealerships on your site means you are available to immediately answer any questions the customer has. It also means that you can proactively reach out to these customers, just as you would if they visited the car dealership.

Chat for Car Dealership

Why is chat for car dealerships a good idea?

Sell more vehicles

Getting a dialogue with visitors as quickly as possible is key to turning them into appointments and customers. 

With Live Guide Chat, you are able to engage your online visitors and start a conversation with them.

Great features like Proactive Chat and Preview Chat enables you to provide personal and professional advice to customers researching for a new vehicle.

Support your customers

Be available for those quick questions like “when can I drop of my car for service?” or “Do you offer a courtesy vehicle?”

With chat for car dealerships you are ready when your customers need you to deliver that prompt answer to their questions.

Live Guide lets you connect instantly with customers visiting your site from any mobile device. Your customers can contact you no matter what device or OS they are using.

The chat solution is fantastic…

… and any little issues we have had has been rectified very quickly.  It is refreshing that when you do have an issue there is always someone to turn to instead of sending an email and waiting days or even weeks for a response. 

– Phil Solomon, Digital Customer Experience Team Manager

It all starts with a test drive.
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