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If the chat bot is unable to answer, it will pass the chat to a human colleague – including the complete chat between customer and bot. 

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.

Live Guide’s chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and as such will be developing its skills over time. It is trained using Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

Market trends and research data on using a chat bot

Use of chatbots
Robots (or bots for short) have seen a steady rise in the past few years, with July 2017 seeing as much as 25% of consumer interactions being carried out via a bot.

Better quality of interactions
While early attempts at using bots in real-world situations have seen mixed results, the quality of the interactions has increased dramatically over the past few years, to the point that most consumer platforms now feature some version of an assistant.

Continuing trend
The chatbot industry is currently moving in the same direction, with predictions for 2019 showing 40% of Customer Service needs benefiting from some level of automation

Where can companies use a chatbot?

Chatbots can be used for automated first line support in any customer service or support department. Estimates show that around 50% of interactions in customer care are highly suitable for bots, with an enormous cost savings potential.

Bots have their primary justification for recurring questions or the qualification of queries to optimize your business performance. Any routine task is suitable for a chatbot which will be able to off-load many tasks from costly human agents.

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What are the benefits of a chat bot?

Intelligent Live Chat with Stored History and Logs

Increased efficiency

Automate your first line support. When you moved some or all your support from phone and mail to chat, you most likely increased your service efficiency noticeably. With a chat bot you will be able to increase the efficiency even more. A lot more, actually. With high-repeat questions handled by the chatbot, costs with shifts and overtime can decrease by 10 – 50%.

Improved customer and employee satisfaction

Lower waiting times, consistent and instant answers make customers happy, driving customer satisfaction up. With a chatbot to handle all the simple queries from visitors, your customer service team can focus on the more complex ones.


Available 24/7

The bot never sleeps and never takes a day off. This means you will be able to offer 24/7 support on your most frequent queries. Customers will never experience a queue to chat and you will have less unanswered chats and phone calls.

Quick response time

The bot answers the questions it knows immediately, increasing the customer satisfaction and relieving your support team of the most trivial and repetitive questions. Even for questions it cannot answer, it provides other options in a timely manner, making sure the customer’s waiting time is minimal.


Multiple Chat Operators
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Immediate engagement

Instead of waiting in the queue for an agent to become available, the customer can try to solve their query with a chatbot, reducing frustration and increasing engagement.

Unlimited conversations in parallel

Depending on the complexity of your business’ nature, your most efficient agent may be able to handle 3-6, maybe even 8-10 simultaneous chats. A chatbot can handle an infinite number of simultaneous chats.



Asks for help and learns

When the chatbot does not know the answer to a question, it can pass the chat to a human colleague. Subsequently the bot can be re-trained and learn the answers it doesn’t know.

Efficient learner

Once the chatbot learns an answer, it will remember it forever, unless of course you decide to remove or change it.

Data Privacy compliance GDPR

Having a chatbot will take your customer service department to the next level


Chatbot for live chat

Better customer service at a lower cost, what more could you want?

Our ambition is to have the best chatbot available!

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What is a FAQ bot?

The simpler version of a chatbot is a FAQ bot. This is a bot that is trained in your entire FAQ, but does not collaborate with your human staff.

A FAQ bot is the perfect solution if your staff are spending too much time answering simple questions that are answered in your FAQ.

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