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What makes Live Guide the best live chat provider?

There are tons of live chat providers on the market, so why should you choose Live Guide Chat to be your live chat provider, over all the others?

If you are looking for a live chat provider, you have probably already discovered that most live chat solutions can do more or less the same. There might be features missing in one solution, and there might be features available that you cannot see the purpose of in your business, but honestly, there isn’t much difference in what one provider offer compared to the other in terms of features. Then what makes Live Guide Chat the best live chat provider?

Live Guide ChatSolutions not just features

We believe in finding solutions. Sometimes a specific live chat feature is the answer, but it needs to be the right feature. That’s why we tailor-make a solution for you. In fact, most of the features we develop comes from customer requests.  It is important to us that our customers get the perfect chat solution, tailored to their needs.

Personal Service

One reason for implementing a live chat solution can be that you want to offer great customer service to your customers. Well, guess what? We have the same desire. This is why, when you choose Live Guide to be your live chat provider, we will do everything in our power to deliver world class customer service to you. We can do this, because we are an agile team of dedicated employees that realize that our success depends on your success.

Smooth implementation ensures success

As your live chat provider our goal is for our solution to support your success in whatever business you are in. Live Guide Chat is SaaS (Software as a Service). It is fully-hosted, so there is nothing for you to download or install and no software to maintain. Your solution will be updated regularly, and new features added at no extra cost for you. The solution is subscription based and totally scalable for when you are growing.

Being a Live Guide Chat customer

When you become a Live Guide Chat customer, you will have your own team of dedicated Live Guide Chat staff who will make sure that you get a good start in using your new chat solution.
This means that, once you are up and running your dedicated Account Manager will follow you closely and make sure you learn of any new features that may be useful for your business, whatever your purpose of implementing live chat is. We want to make your life as easy as possible whether it is when using our chat solution or interacting with our staff.

Technical support

It is not when the solution is running smoothly, you need to interact with your live chat provider, it is when you have challenges, either technically or administrative, that you need to have someone to quickly help you, so you can continue focusing on what you do best. Should you experience any technical challenges, your technical support team will assist you and solve any queries you may have.

Comprehensive reporting

The comprehensive reporting features of Live Guide help you gain deeper insight into customer behaviour and improve contact centre efficiency.

You can monitor operator and campaign performance with detailed, multi-metric analytics and exportable reports. Advanced live chat reporting tools make it easy to monitor key metrics and optimize the process for both your customers and your agents.

Live Guide Chat provides you with the intelligence your business needs to maximize your use of live chat. Our robust statistics and agile analytics enable you to engage your customers more meaningfully and more efficiently.

Administrators can easily track the performance of each Live Guide campaign, including social media campaigns, from an intuitively designed console or from automatically exported re­ports. This means that administrators can track how live chat is being used across a wide array of metrics such as period, operator, and campaign.

Live Guide Chat also keeps data on all of your operators’ chats. Texts from individual chats are fully searchable, and may be grouped by customer, by operator, by department, by date, or by cam­paign. By incorporating detailed customer information – such as geodata – in our analytics, Live Guide helps you build your customer intelligence.

Chat Security

No other live chat provider that takes security more seriously

Our enterprise level security system was built with the needs of the most highly regulated industries in mind and designed specifically to eliminate the risks associated with online communications. All chat communication is 256-bit SSL encrypted. Live Guide is hosted within our secure data center, and an additional layer of best-in-class security safeguards your data and protects the privacy of you and your customers.

Live Guide Chat is committed to GDPR compliance and we are fully compliant with the data protection regulation that was implemented on May 25th, 2018.

Live Guide Chat is part of Netop Solutions

Netop develops and sells market leading software solutions, enabling quick, secure and easy transfer of video, sound and data between two or more computers. We have done this for more than 30 years and we have used this knowledge to make Live Guide the most secure and reliable solution on the market. Live Guide helps companies deliver excellent customer service, reduce support costs comply with strict security demands.

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