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Live Guide Chat lets businesses chat with their customers for better customer experience and quick resolution of queries. Live Guide Chat can be embedded in any website – like the one you just came from.

Having live chat on your website means that you are available to your customers when they have questions.

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Implementing chat will increase

Do you know that only 2% of the visitors to your website ends up buying something, filling in a form or performing the action you’d like them to perform? This means that 98% leaves without ever interacting with you. 

Maximize sales

With live chat features like proactive chat you can reach out to your customers, just as you would in a physical shop.

Staff can only handle one customer on the phone or by chat at a time. With chat staff can handle several customer queries at a time, depending on the complexity of your product and business.

Customer service Efficiency

Features like preview chat and prepared responses, makes it easy for chat employees to handle multiple customers simultaneously.

Live Guide Chat

Customer Satisfaction
Having a live chat solution on your website enables you to have real-time conversations with your customers and prospects while they’re on your website. It’s quick, convenient and customers love it because it’s so much faster than any other digital service channel.

You can personalize the customer service experience in almost any way you wish, and offer the best possible service.

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