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By Guest blogger – James Laers

In our daily activity, we will inevitably chat with one another. Whether we do it using Facebook Messenger or a chatbot from a website that we access, chats are part of our lives. When you decide to develop your own website, implementing a chatbot can be an excellent idea. The chatbot could become a key element for your business, becoming the main interface between you and your customers. Therefore, the way you shape your chatbot will outline your business progress for the future.

Creating a well-scripted chatbot can bring significant benefits to your business. Your customers will be delighted by the experience you offer and will be convinced to buy your products. You need to create a natural and engaging conversation with your customers, however this can be created only with an ingenious script. Below you can find 5 things you should definitely consider if you want your chatbot to be successful.

1. Choose a catchy name for your bot

Your chatbot’s name should reflect its focus and aim. When you are picking a name for your newly born chatbot, you should think of a unique phrase that will help your customers find it whenever they want to ask something. What is more, before you choose the name, think also on what photo or design you want to use for your chatbot.

The name should complement the visuals you are creating for your chatbot. Furthermore, the name should be easy to remember. Therefore, your customers will keep it in their mind without too much effort. If you are not sure where you can find chatbot copywriters who can also help you with choosing the name and the introductory phrase, you can take a look at services like Canada-Writers, Best Writers Canada, or look for some inspiration online.

2. Your chatbot should have personality

Implementing a chatbotEven though we are not talking about a real person, you can still inject your chatbot with a bit of personality. People nowadays are extremely picky, and they like to be surprised when they enter your website. In addition, they will immediately recognize when you try to use dull scripted conversations and will more likely leave your website after the first minutes.

“Siri is a great example of what a chatbot with personality means. All the iOS users know Siri for its witty responses. This is a great tool that Apple used to hook customers on the conversation and helped the company strengthen their position on the market. Siri has made many skeptic users enjoy the experience of interacting with the Apple brand”, says Amanda Sparks, a professional marketer and the author of Top Down Writer.

3. Use prompts to guide the conversation

“There are still a lot of people who are not very familiar or have a bad impression of bots. Therefore, whenever a new customer enters your website, you should use your chatbot to understand why they should keep using your bot”, explains Natalie Andersen, the chief editor at Get Good Grade. You can use several prompts to keep the chat fun and dynamic. The “Quick Reply” button will help your visitors to quickly reply to your chatbot and easily decide what products they want to buy from your website.

Good practice should include informing customers that they are having a dialog with a chatbot, rather than trying to create an illusion of a live person. This will secure realistic expectations and reduce friction. AND also remember to inform if and when the conversation is transferred to a human, in those instances where the chatbot is unable to assist the customer.

4. Do your customer research

A chatbot created for a financial site will not have the same script as one created for a toy store. The tone and language will be different in each scenario. Therefore, before you decide the name of your chatbot and how the script will look, you should first do a detailed research on your target audience. You should identify the keywords that make them click. Furthermore, you should find out how your customers usually speak and what language they use.

“This is how you will be able to decide how your bot should speak to your customers and encourage your visitors to develop a conversation with it,” shares Corey Hassan, a customer success specialist at Top Australia Writers. By doing a customer research, you will also identify which topics your customers would  consult your chatbot about.

5. Keep things simple

chatbotYou can easily keep your customers engaged by using short and simple sentences. When you complicate things too much, you risk distracting the user and lose him along the way. Therefore, a successful recipe would be to use no more than two sentences for each message you send. In addition, if you want to use more complex responses, take care to not send more than three messages at a time. Finally, your main focus should be clarity. Thus, you should try to stay away from jargon or words that your target audience might not be familiar with.


Your chatbot is the reflection of how you want your business to appear to visitors. Therefore, your chatbot should catch your audience’s attention from the first 1-2 seconds. If you want to hook your visitors, you should do your target audience research and adapt your chatbot copy writing to their needs and style. In addition, when you write your script, you should try to humanize your chatbot and add a bit of personality to it.

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