in Live Chat for Customer Engagement

The holidays are upon us… which means that for retailers, the most crucial time of year has begun. How to make the most of it?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

While we can’t save you from the long hours and high-stakes days ahead, we can help you take advantage of them. Here are three ways to hack the holiday madness:

1. Woo discount-shoppers with social media. In-store shoppers comparing prices on their smartphones – a bane, or a blessing? Here are six ways retailers can leverage social media to get on a bargain-hunter’s good side, and build brand loyalty at a time when people are scanning for the lowest possible number.

2. Optimize your website to take advantage of Christmas traffic. The time is now. As shoppers flock to the web in advance of the holiday, you want to be sure you’re not missing big opportunities.

Here are seven things you should be doing, recommended by the ecommerce platform Shopify, to harness the online rush and keep those benefits rolling well into 2015.

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3. Roll out live chat. This is one of the best times of year to introduce live chat to your online audience. In fact, it’s a trend. Many businesses invest in live chat in the lead-up to the holidays – and there’s a reason…

What can live chat do for your holiday conversions?

Live chat improves the quality of your customer service, reduces shopping cart abandonment, provides service via a highly-preferred channel, and meets customers’ needs faster. That spells customer satisfaction. It also spells a spike in conversions.

Adding live chat to your website can make a palpable difference at any time of year, but at no other time of year is the difference likely to make as much of an impact as it can right now. Impress your customers: bring your service to the next level this season, and watch the ROI come rolling back to you.

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