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Live chat’s popularity continues to increase. In fact, it’s been projected that live chat will increase by 87% in the next 12-18 months. This isn’t surprising since FurstPerson found nearly 77% of customers won’t purchase on a site with no live chat support. With this level of demand, there’s a pretty good chance that your company will add live chat to its website if you haven’t already. Otherwise, it may be difficult to compete in the global online marketplace.

Take the time during the selection process so you choose the right chat solution for your business. But, don’t forget that it takes more than simply adding live chat to your website. There are certain considerations you must also remember when implementing it. Keep these best practices in mind to ensure you gain the best results:

Make chat easily accessible

When customers access your site, be certain that your chat feature provides a greeting to the visitor so they can see that you’re available to assist.

live chat from social mediaDon’t forget to leverage proactive chat to initiate conversations at key moments during site visits such as hesitation on a page or before checkout, for repeat customers or return visitors, on pages with high bounce rates, on FAQ pages and to offer upsell offers.

Make live chat available everywhere your customers go online including such on search engine advertising, social media pages, in email communications you send and, of course, your own website.

Enhance personalization by gathering valuable insights

Improve customer experience with personalization. Live chat enables you to do so by making it easy to gather valuable customer information such as geographic location and recording all their interactions with your brand.

This is possible by integrating your live chat solution with your ecommerce or CRM platform. This allows agents to personalize and humanize communications with each customer without brother the customer with unnecessary questions.

You’ll already know where they are, what search terms they used to reach your site, their browsing history on your site, their buying history and what language they speak as well as their name (based on history notes). This saves both agents and customers valuable time while improving interaction quality and accelerating resolution time.

Maintain a rapid response time

It’s important to keep track of key metrics that impact your staff’s responsiveness. This information includes tracking popular questions to update FAQs routinely so site visitors can find answers without requesting assistance.

Be prepared, with canned messagesCreate prepared responses to common questions allowing agents to answer with a few simple clicks instead of constantly retyping the same answers repeatedly. Plus, doing so saves valuable staff time too.

And, of course, remember to adjust agent schedules based on need to ensure there’s always sufficient staff on hand to maintain response times.

Be sure to add messaging in your chat interface concerning response time and have agents communicate any anticipated response delays so customers always know what to expect.

Be available whenever your customers need you

The chat should be manned around the clock if you are using human agents, or at least during peak hours when most of your customers tend to visit your site and require assistance. The more “offline” time you have, the less you will serve customers in all time zones or even those who are just “night owls.” If manning 24/7 is impossible, you should at least offer an online form for customers to submit their query.

Chatbots are also an excellent option during off hours to direct site visitors to resources that best answer their questions. In the case of a more complex inquiry during offline hours, chatbots may gather information for responses when staff returns.

Offer agents proper training and support

Agents who man live chat desks must be trained well and have full knowledge of policies, procedures, and products so they can respond rapidly and accurately. The use of team chat functionality, when available, will provide additional support to new agents who may still be learning and allows first-call resolution rates to remain high.

Match chats to agents

Use pre-chat forms to enable routing of chats to representatives who are best suited to assist customers with their designated issue. This prevents them from having to communicate with more than one agent, maintains short chat times and increases customer satisfaction as well as first-call resolutions.

Strive for continuous improvement

Set up routine reporting to track performance of chat agents and identify areas for training, coaching and staffing needs. This is critical to the ongoing improvement of your chat program.

Request feedback from your customers who use your live chat feature by using surveys. This will show them that you while allowing you gain valuable insights on how to improve your service.

Leverage all modes of live chat

Don’t rely solely on text communication through live chat. Take advantage of video chat and voice chat to improve communication quality as needed. Plus, tools like co-browsing, file sharing and remote control further enhance customer experience while reducing resolution time.


Chat securityRegulations like GDPR and the rising concern of data privacy make it important to use a chat solution that enables regulatory compliance while ensuring customer satisfaction with a secure platform.

Keep these live chat best practices in mind so you get the most from your solution. They could mean the difference between converting and losing customers.

Live Guide Chat offers a tailor-made chat solution that enables you to adhere to all these live chat best practices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to speak with a specialist or schedule a demo.

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