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Before the internet existed, consumers only had access to information from brands through advertisements and word-of-mouth. It was common for potential customers to request information with a mail-in response card, by making a phone call or by visiting a shop.

Today’s customers have access to a wide variety of information, thanks to the World Wide Web. When researching potential purchases, prospects have many resources at their disposal while gathering information to make educated buying decisions. They visit brand websites, social media and review sites. In the process they are exposed to search engine, social media and other online advertisements.

Forrester’s research revealed that 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. This makes interacting with these prospects early in the process to influence their final selection in the crowded global marketplace increasingly important.

The usual internet presence isn’t enough

Simply setting up social media pages, attractive online advertisements and an SEO optimized website are no longer enough. Consumers want answers to their questions at the moment they’re ready to ask them. If they can’t get the answers from your brand, they will navigate to another site, social media page or advertisement in pursuit of the desired information. So, how can you keep these people on your site, page or ad and respond in their moment of need?

Live chat is an excellent way to accomplish this. Of course, on your website, live chat offers various ways to passively or actively engage with site visitors and prevent them from navigating away with unanswered questions. These include:

Proactive chat to virtually greet site visitors and offer assistance at key moments when they are most likely to require additional information or guidance.

Audio and Video chat simplifies communications during a chat session when using more than text expedites resolutions and makes it easier to explain complex information.

Chatbots provide 24/7 guidance and support, even when sales and service staff are out of the office. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), these intelligent bots answer routine questions and help prospects find answers to their questions.

Co-browsing and file sharing make it easier for agents to guide site visitors, visually answer questions and share helpful documents to accelerate responses to inquiries.

Why have live chat everywhere?

However, live chat isn’t only for websites anymore. With the right live chat solution, your brand has the ability to make chat an option everywhere potential customers visit during their online research process. Simply embed a customized chat button on your:live chat from social media

  • Social media pages
  • Social media advertisements
  • Advertisements on third party sites
  • Search engine advertisements
  • Email communications

Doing so means customers and prospects don’t need to make any additional effort to get their questions answered. No need to navigate from where they are to visit your website, switch from their browser to their email or hold on the phone for an agent. All they have to do is click to start a chat session wherever they are and they’re able to receive instant answers to their questions.

Live Guide ChatYou’ll engage with prospects earlier in their decision-making process, capture more leads and converting more of them to customers. Plus, you’ll gather more insights about your prospects in your CRM to add context and improve all future communications with them. This, in turn, improves overall customer satisfaction as well.

Isn’t it time you considered using live chat everywhere your customers and prospects are? You’ll capture more leads, engage them, influence their purchase decisions and convert more to customers. Using live chat in these ways also gives you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Live Guide Chat offers a tailor-made chat solution that enables you to offer live chat everywhere. If you’d like to learn more, contact us to speak with a specialist or to schedule a demo.

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