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6 Useful Live Chat Reporting Capabilities to Consider

When selecting a Live Chat solution there are many things to consider including scalability and ease of use. Another important factor is the reporting capabilities of the platform. It’s not just about what metrics can be captured but how they can be used to get the most of a chat solution. Let’s take a look at six useful reporting capabilities to consider when selecting a live chat solution.

Exporting Capabilities
Why hold your live chat data hostage in a system that won’t integrate with the others that you use. The ability to export reporting data to other systems is necessary to provide a complete picture of customers, the history of their interactions with your company, and to simplify operations. Exporting data to a CRM, for example, eliminates unnecessary data entry, ensures that all new leads collected by your chat platform are captured, and keeps each customer’s record up-to-date. Exporting reports simplifies the analysis of data and makes it more useful. Plus, no manual manipulations of the information are necessary.

Duration of Data Retention
How long data is retained in a live chat platform makes a difference in its reporting. The longer the information is available, the easier it is to see trends and changes through reports. If it’s a gradual change, it may be more difficult to detect if data history is too short. Aiming for up to 18 months of data retention is advantageous for this purpose.

Split Statistics by Campaign
When running multiple chat campaigns, splitting statistics by campaign enables you to assess the performance of each one separately. Doing so facilitates consistent improvement without the guesswork. This ability also aids in the tracking of leads generated by various marketing campaigns when they’re captured by the live chat solution.

Sort Chats by Category
Sorting chats by category makes it possible to see what types of chat activity there is around each product type. Are there a lot of chats being initiated around topics that should be addressed in the knowledge base or FAQs? Is there a recurring issue relating to a particular product that needs to be proactively addressed? Perhaps additional training is needed to ensure agents are better prepared to answer certain questions. Sorting chats helps in these ways and more.

Operator Performance Reporting
Live chat reporting capabilities would be incomplete without an Operator Performance reporting element. There are many metrics include in these sorts of reports including number of chats, first call resolution, average chat length, number of chats transferred to other agents, customer feedback, and more. These are designed to help identify individuals who require additional training and coaching as well as training that all agents may need. It also provides indicators around staffing needs based on time of day, day of week, product knowledge strengths, and more.

Email Capabilities
Sending reports to a list of key recipients makes it easy to keep important chat data visible to all who need to see it. This further simplifies the process of continuous improvements. Plus, issues may be identified more quickly.

Consider these reporting capabilities, at a minimum, when selecting the best live chat solution to meet business requirements. They streamline operations while facilitating continuous improvements in areas such as chat performance, marketing, knowledge base and staffing.

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