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100 employees at four call centers use Live Guide Chat to answer inquiries from customers and potential customers. One of the call centers is dedicated specifically to customers using Sydbank’s online banking.


The Challenge for Sydbank

Sydbank want to be available for visitors to their website. Furthermore they want to signal that they are a modern bank and up-to-date on the digital development and therefore use the most popular communication channels. And finally, of course, streamlining also played a role in considering the introduction of a chat solution on the website.


The Solution for Sydbank

In the selection of a chat vendor, one of the main criterion was that the solution had to be easy and quick to implement. First of all, from a technical point of view with minimal need for IT assistance.  Equally important was for the employees to quickly learn their way around the system. They should quickly become familiar with answering and handling chats.

Joan Mai, Head of Department at Sydbank and responsible for the four call centers, explains about the process of selecting a chat solution: “We already had a customer relation management system, but the implementation of chat through this would take too long and we therefore chose to explore other opportunities. We appointed a project manager, who investigated the solutions available on the market that would meet our criterion.“

As a financial services company, Sydbank has high requirements for security in relation to logging and history. Therefore, Live Guide Chat from Netop was an obvious choice. Netop has more than 30 years of experience in IT security and compliance with international data protection laws. Moreover, Netop achieved the highest certification in an independent study conducted by KPMG, including examination of safety monitoring.


The Implementation of Live Guide Chat for Sydbank

“The implementation went smoothly and our cooperation with Netop has worked impeccably. We have been very satisfied with the quick responses from Netop when there have been doubts or challenges,“ says Joan Mai and continues: ”Subsequently, new employees have primarily had on-the-job training. “

At Sydbank all telephone calls must be answered within 10 seconds, whereas chats should be answered immediately. Sydbank has described this and other strategies for using chat in a pamphlet designed for employees. All staff have been very positive about the introduction of the chat solution. This is partly because Sydbank has made a point of informing employees about both the goal and the opportunities of chat.


The Result

The introduction of chat in Sydbank’s customer service has made it very easy for customers to contact the bank when they have questions. Simple queries are resolved quickly. Some of them were solved by the use of the predefined answers that were designed during the implementation and which Sydbank has not yet found it necessary to adjust.

No calculations on how much activity has moved from phone and mail to chat have been made, but both the customers and Sydbank are very happy with the extra communication channel that chat provides.
How many chats employees can handle at any one time depends on the individual, but to start with max 3 simultaneous chats are recommended to ensure that customers experience the employee as being present.


Employees work in pairs, so that one person answer chats and the other functions as a backup and can step in if a chat evolves into something more complex, preventing the first employee from handling multiple simultaneous chats. This is to ensure the highest possible level of customer service and sense of presence for the customer.

The features that Sydbank appreciates the most are the ability to quickly answer simple queries and to view the chat history when a customer revisits from the same IP address.


The Future of live chat for Sydbank

Plans for chat in the future at Sydbank involves the launch of a proactive chat.  This will act as a virtual sales or customer service representative, helping visitors who do not immediately find what they are looking for. By contacting customers before they leave the web site will increase both customer satisfaction and present the possibility of selling and upselling.


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About Sydbank

Sydbank case study

Sydbank was founded in 1970 by the merger of four local banks. The bank has 64 branches in Denmark and 3 in Germany. Sydbank’s core values include a desire to be a competent and valuable bank that seeks to do business with customers based on long-term customer relationships. 


About Netop

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Netop develops and sells market-leading software solutions that enable swift, secure and seamless transfer of video, screens, sounds and data between two or more computers. Used by half of the Fortune 100, Netop’s secure remote access and live chat solutions help businesses provide better customer service, reduce support costs and meet security and compliance standards.