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Version 8.5.5 – January  11th 2021

Administration console 

  • Redirect to new Forms editor when clicking on old Forms editor

“Since Adobe will no longer be supporting Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021, Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems.” More info:

Operator console:

  • Improvements on file transfer
  • Add tooltip for the send file button in CC
  • Add system messages for file transfer saved in the logs (Operator History and Admin logs)
  • Resolve: no progress “%” shown on the Operator console when the customer sends a file
  • Resolve: If the Operator sends a file and then cancels the transfer after the customer has accepted, the Operator does not receive the “File Transfer cancelled” message

Version 8.5.4 – December 8th 2020

Administration console 

  • Chatbot improvements
  • Cron update to correlate with the new EULA

Operator console

  • As long as the customer is typing, the operator cannot scroll up

Old behavior: When the customer starts typing again, the conversation will be automatically scrolled down

New behavior: The operator can scroll up even if the customer is typing new messages, and is notified of new message/s, then can simply see the new message/s (for: type a message, audio | video, co-browsing, send file)

Version 8.5.3 – December 3rd 2020

  • Statistics: Minor issues [FIXED]
  • Operator console: [FIXED] as long as the customer is typing, operator cannot scroll up
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Version 8.5.2 – November 4th 2020

Chatbot improvement 

  • When there is a campaign that includes chatbots, the proactive chat function will open the chatbot directly. The chatbot will be open after 10 seconds, via widget or pop-up.     

Customer console fixes


Version 8.5.1 – October 20th 2020


  • Button improvement: Add button support that people love to click
  • Language presets: support for language presets – Lilli the Chatbot is multilingual
  • Chatbot and activity: after 3 minutes of user inactivity, the chatbot sends a message offering further assistance; after another 2 minutes of user inactivity, the chatbot sends another message 
With live chat you can easily assist multiple customers

Version 8.5.0 – October 7th 2020

New Forms (Beta) for all accounts 

  • Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020 (“EOL Date”).  
  • Until the end of the year, the new forms will work in parallel with the current forms so customers will be able to choose what to use. The login part remains unchanged so customers will log in to the current Administration Console.


Version 8.4.8 – September 24th 2020


  • New customization: possibility to keep data for 24 months
  • Improvements for Triggers: implementation of a new function of the search field (interpreting upper- and lowercase letters as being the same) & a new placeholder inside the search box
  • New Forms: new Administration console for some Netop accounts.
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Version 7.22.0 – October 12th 2018

Operator Console:

  • Transfer from one operator to another: It is now possible to transfer a chat directly to another operator as well as to a department.
  • Team sound notification: You will now hear a sound if another agent is sending a message to the Team and you are not in the Team panel. You still also have the visual notification.

Customer Console:

  • Language Presets: It is now possible to add HTML tags in the language presets, this means that you can add links to your privacy policy or other relevant information, when customers initiates a chat or the agent answers a call.
With live chat you can easily assist multiple customers

Version 7.15.0 – December 8th 2017

Only view your own history
Agents are able to filter out the chats they didn’t handle. They can see their own chats only or all the chats in their department.

Copy current conversation
This is a new button that is displayed in the chat. With this you can copy the current conversation to your clipboard so that you can easily add it into any other system or tool you are using.

Display customer email
The first email from the pre-chat form will be displayed in the operator console. This gives you an even better idea of who you are chatting with

Version 7.14.0 – November 28th 2017

Pre-chat banner
With this great feature you are able to show certain offers or specific information to your customers while they are queuing for a chat.

Use the chat queue – the page which customers see when waiting for one of your operators to pick up the chat – to share information with your customers or direct them to self-help pages (FAQ).


Car dealer chat
Team Chat Room Training Session

Version 7.12.0 – November 10th 2017

TEAM Chat Room
From now on, agents can better communicate and coordinate by using the new TEAM Chat Room, a chat room, where they can ask for help or orchestrate chat pick-ups.

All online agents and departments are neatly organized, so you see the status of your team at a glance, and identify where help is needed.

Moreover, operator and customer actions will soon be listed in the team chat room, so that everyone can be informed of what’s happening across the organization.


Version 7.10.0 – September 26th 2017

Customers can send files
The customers can send files while they are in a chat with an agent. They just need to click the first option from the menu and a browse window will appear. The option is available only for Pro accounts.
The same limitations apply to the customer: files with exe extension or bigger than 100 Mb.

Version 7.9.0 – August 25th 2017

Agents can send files
The operator can send files directly to the customer, not using workarounds like sending a link. This feature helps the operators to send documents, receipts, certificates, images or any type of files that leads to a better customer satisfaction. The option is available in the chat panel when clicking the meatballs menu.
Limitations: files with exe extension or bigger than 100 Mb.


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Version 7.7.2 – August 1st 2017

Audio – Video
The operator is able to connect with the customer on a much more personal level via audio video.
Operators can have multimedia calls with more than one customer at the time.
The new multimedia solution is also available on compatible mobile devices both for the operator and the client.

Customer status
Operators have a small icon besides customer’s name where they can check the status of the client and if they have any issues with their connectivity.

Version 7.6.0 – July 10th 2017 

Chat widget
The chat can open directly in your website if you don’t want a new window to open for the chat session.
To enable the option just go in the Administration > Campaign and un-check the “Open chat in a new browser window” option for the desired campaign. After that, the chat button will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking the button will display the chat in the page and not in a pop-up window.
You can test the new behavior directly in Administration in the Code builder section.

Operator console – Session management
From now on, an operator can use our console only from one place at a time.
If an agent logs in into the console from another device while using it on one device, she will be logged out from the first console.
Although moving from one device to another, the operator will keep the status of her calls intact so that she will be able to continue her chat without any impediments.

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