News in Live Guide up to June 2017

Client Console Customization Options & Visual Update

Release Date: June 5th 2017

Image means a lot and, if you’re using Live Chat for your Customer Communications needs, you probably care a lot about image. That’s why we’ve updated the Client Console with a more modern look and the ability to pick an accent color that matches your website or branding, or just helps you stand out. For convenience, as well as for ensuring pleasant color combinations, all other colors are adjusted according to the accent color you pick. Also, if you have trouble deciding on the color, the entire Live Guide got together to create a few presets you can try. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

Salesforce Integration

Release Date: May 22nd 2017

The modern Customer Service Center relies on multiple tools to keep everything running smoothly. While there is a vast array of software that can potentially work seamlessly with Live Guide,  we decided to pilot our brand-new Integration Service by creating a link to one of the most respected CRMs, Salesforce. The integration allows for easy creation of an activity after a conversation has taken place, and includes automatic lookup of customer and company, linking to them if they exist in the Salesforce installation.

Additional Proactive Chat Options – Lime

Release Date: February 14th 2017

We didn’t necessarily pick the date for this release on purpose, though we do suppose it’s useful to be proactive in love, as in other areas of life. Flexibility is also often a plus so, while we don’t pretend to improve anyone’s love life (though do let us know if that’s the case), we’re quite sure the new Proactive Chat options will be quite useful. You can now choose the size and placement of both the Proactive Chat Invite and the minimized version of it, for an original, though still unobtrusive, approach.

Live Guide Operator Console v2

Release Date: January 23rd 2017

The next major step in the architecture change, the Live Guide Operator Console v2 brings a new layout, which, with its signature three columns, is simple, yet effective. Fonts are optimized for readability and minimizing eye strain, and various features like Type to Answer or Desktop Notifications create a more efficient, comfortable experience for the operator. All of this, of course, is supported by a completely revamped architecture, built to take full advantage of current distributed computing standards.

Client Console v2

Release Date: September 21st 2016

This major release welcomes the new and improved Client Console, based on the versatile and all-round compatible JavaScript. The first visual result of a deep architecture overhaul, the Live Guide Client Console v2 provides a solid foundation for building additional features like customization for better brand consistency or desktop notifications for a more productive conversation. Current benefits of Customer Console v2 include improved security, a lower impact on system resources and improved performance.

Live Guide 6.8.6 – “Lemon”

Release Date: August 14th 2016

The first stage in a series of Proactive Chat improvements, there is now the option of minimizing the Proactive Chat invitation instead of dismissing it altogether. The minimized version takes the form of a (custom) button in the lower-right corner of the screen, following the user around as they scroll. A long-time favorite on the Netop website, this approach helps convey a sense of availability in a non-intrusive way.

Live Guide – “Kumquat”

Release Date: June 20th 2016

The Account Administrator can now allow customers to send the chat log to themselves (or another e-mail address of their choice) after the chat is concluded. This option leverages a major advantage of chat, allowing the customer to look up forgotten information instead of needing to call again.

Live Guide

Release Date: May 9th 2016

A maintenance release containing various stability and performance improvements.

Live Guide 6.8.5 – “Coconut”

Release Date: April 5th 2016

Starting with this release the Administration interface contains a new set of options related to Data Masking. Live Guide can easily be configured to automatically mask any combination of sensitive data information (options include Credit Card numbers, Social  Security Numbers and more). Once enabled, the settings apply to all future chats and logs, obfuscating the selected data formats.

Live Guide 6.8.3

Release Date:  4 October, 2015

  • Customer Console is now available in Czech and Polish.
  • Add support for SAP CRM ticket creation via e-mail from the Operator Console (Beta)
  • Improve the AMS server-side detection and termination of idle connections
  • Change transmission protocol for AMS clients to RTMP over TLS instead of the current RTMP


  • Forms still work on a basic account with HTML5 CC
  • When using HTML5 Customer console on a mobile device, the Send button remains pressed when tapped without having any text in the input field.
  • The operator does not see the preview when the customer uses type suggestions from iOS keyboard
  • Apostrophe in text field of an offline form on a HTLM5 customer console shows HTML code instead of ‘

Live Guide 6.8.2

Release Date: 18 May, 2015


Starting with this release the HTML5 Customer Console supports 2 way audio/video. A flash file is embedded in the console in order to handle the transfer of audio and video.


  • HTML5 Customer Console does not create Zendesk ticket automatically at the end of the chat
  • HTML5 Customer Console does not create Zendesk ticket on offline requests
  • Audio/Video streams are not closed automatically when HTML5 Customer Console is closed
  • Newly created trial accounts do not contain demo data

Live Guide 6.8.1

Release Date: 23 February, 2015


Live Guide now provides the option for security conscious companies to turn off the “send chat” button on certain campaigns, to prevent customers from inadvertently sending transcripts of sensitive account information to a non-secure location.

Live Guide 6.8

Release Date: 26 January, 2015


Live Guide now features an enhanced HTML 5 customer console that automatically reconnects dropped chats to the same operator.

The Live Guide integration with the Zendesk customer service platform has been updated following recent API changes.

A new column in customer data now shows response time.

Live Guide 6.7

Release Date: 8 December, 2014


Filters for operators in the admin-console

A new filter function has been added in the LG operator section of the LG Admin-console that allows the administrators to search for operators based on a variety of criteria:

  • Operator-ID
  • Name
  • Display name
  • Email
  • Departments
  • Account Administrators
  • Locked-status

The filters can be also combined. The results on the page will be filtered as soon as the filter button is pressed or enter on the open fields

Add and edit categories of calls in the history

With this release categories of calls can be added and removed from the admin-console/ customer data menu.

Live Guide 6.6

Release Date: 3 November, 2014

This release updates the HTML customer console to include functions previously only available in the Flash customer console.

With this release, the user can now:

  • View the help
  • Email the chat log
  • Change the text size
  • Print the chat log


  • Operator Console: History displayed in the History area was not working in some situations.
  • Customer Console: When removing an Administrator who is also an Operator, a blank page was displayed if clicking the chat button.
  • Operator Console: Mandatory category was not saved for the initial chat when transferring the call.
  • Administration: Sometimes when exporting statistics as a PDF, the chart displayed was incorrect.
  • Issues using the chat:
  1. Freezing of Operator Console
  2. HTML5 Customer not working if title of page contains certain special characters
  3. Issue with malformed XML when exporting statistics for a certain period of time

Live Guide 6.5

Release Date: August 2014


Multiple account administrators: With this release, Live Guide customers can assign administrative rights to multiple users.

Administrator rights are managed by clicking the “Account Administrator” box in the individual operator profiles.

Customer wait times added to the operator console: Live Guide operators can now see how long each customer has been waiting in the chat queue. This data is presented in a sortable field.


  • Settings saved per operator were not maintained
  • When trying to select a customer from the queue who was in the process of closing chat, the operator console could become unresponsive
  • Time for automatic logout from the administrator console was very short

Live Guide 6.4

Release Date: April 2014


Real-Time API: Administrators can access and display real-time data on the number of customers in the queue and the waiting times for each department.

Guidelines for accessing department-specific data can be found in the Live Guide Knowledge Base.


  • Wrong message displayed to the customer when sending links or push pages
  • Operators tab does not update properly
  • Proactive chat displaying correctly
  • Close command on Customer Console not working within an iframe
  • Real-time API is not including HTML customers
  • Audio disconnections
  • Remote Assist link to client not correctly starting downloads

Live Guide 6.3

Release Date: December 2013


Live Guide SDK (Mobile Connector): A mobile chat Software Development Kit to add chat to native apps.​

Customer Console Notifications: Administrators will be able to choose if an end user should receive a notifications when a new message appears from an operators.

Retention Period Improvements: Users can choose if statistics should be stored for a different period than customer data.


  • Customer Queue issues
  • Operators sometimes may not able to log in
  • Customer console is sometimes displayed as a blank page
  • Audio issues on longer calls
  • Many operators receive a default chat history from the account
  • On some browsers when copying and pasting a URL into the chat window, it will disconnect the customers from the chat
  • Co browsing- Initial/default URL will not load on the customer’s side

Live Guide 6.2

Release Date: November 2013


Version 6.2 includes changes to the database and application structure designed to significantly enhance overall performance.

Customers will benefit from faster access to customer data and improved CPU & memory usage on the Operator Console.

Please Note: Waiting Time functionality has been taken out from the Operator Console in this release due to High CPU and Memory usage. It will be added back in a future release.

Live Guide 6.1

Release Date: September 2013


Expanded HTML5 functionality to include: Forms, Co-Browsing, “Is Typing” notification and customer message previews for customers accessing chat from mobile devices, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.


  • Reconnect errors fixed
  • Logging out and logging back in with audio and/or video chat turned on fixed.

Live Guide 6.0

Release Date: June 2013


  • HTML5 Support: Live Guide detects whether customers are using mobile devices and automatically switches to an HTML5-based version, allowing service teams to chat with customers no matter what device – desktop or mobile – they are using.
  • This version of Live Guide makes chat available for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and other smartphones.
  • Co-browsing: Operators quickly initiate a shared browsing session with customers.
  • Service agents are able to see what customers are seeing, assist in navigating to online resources, and even help with completing online forms.
  • German language preset for customer console Call button tag improvements

Live Guide 5.8.1

Release Date: February 2013


Operator Console: Time customers have been waiting in the queue is visible to operators. Operators can sort by time in queue.


  • Entry or group is deleted when user selects it and then cancels creating a new entry or group – DE9406
  • Discrepancies in statistics – DE9030
  • Operator console does not display updated default opertor image – DE8347
  • Error in “Call Duration – General data” – DE8628

Live Guide 5.8

Release Date: December 2012


  • Administrator Console: Administrators can select the amount of time chat data is stored on the Live Guide servers from never to 18 months.
  • Operator Console: Operators can use keyboard shortcuts for greater efficiency.
  • Operator Console: Operators may use keyboard shortcuts to accept incoming chats.
  • Administrator & Operator Consoles: Administrators may require administration approval before operators can ban customers.
  • Administrator & Operator Consoles: Administrators may restrict the ability of operators to change their display names.
  • Customer Console: Optional “End Chat” button available.


  • Message correction – DE8915: In some cases, a message such as “We have just sent you an e-mail” was sent to the customer when no e-mail was actually sent.

Live Guide 5.7.5

Release Date: October 2012


Real-time API (not available in Live Guide Basic) to make operator and queue data available to wallboards, telephony systems, and performance evaluation programs.

  • Zendesk integration module (not available in Live Guide Basic) to create tickets and access case histories in you Zendesk account from the Live Guide operator console.
  • Administrator can prevent customer IP information from being viewable within the operator console.
  • Administrator can limit number of chats per operator to improve contact center team performance.
  • Filtering and pagination capabilities added to customer data API.
  • “Getting Started” video added to the administration area.


  • Operator console: Font size is not saved persistently
  • Administration: Under the forms editor, all campaigns are displayed, including the ones from other accounts.
  • Administration: Under language presets in Internet Explorer editing is not possible as cursor moves to end of the field.
  • Operator console: Preview form in the queue remains visible sometimes.
  • Operator console: Categories lock after first use
  • Customer console: Video feed stops being received by the customer on customer reconnect.
  • Customer console: In internet explorer, even though the post-chat form is set as mandatory, when closing the window nothing happens.

Live Guide 5.7

Release Date: May 2012


  • API for retrieving chat data: the API allows customers to access chat data in an XML format.
  • Security is token-based. Data may be converted to another format and imported into external CRM and ticket systems. (Not available for Live Guide Basic)
  • API for retrieving form results: the API allows customers to access pre-chat, in-chat, and post-chat form data in an XML format.
    Security is token-based.
  • Data may be converted another format or imported into external CRM or ticket systems. (Not available for Live Guide Basic)API for retrieving form submissions: the submission of forms by visitors can be accessed and integrated with external analytics systems or used to create leads or tickets in external systems.
  • Adjustable customer video window size: customers can increase the size of their video chat window. (Not available for Live Guide Basic)
  • Improved disconnect notifications: In instances of Internet service disruption, an alert will be displayed in the operator console.


  • Operator Console: The number displayed in the “Chatting With” column is incorrect
  • Operator Console: Customers are not clickable in the queue
  • Operator Console: Customers are sometimes still displayed in the queue after they are picked up by operators
  • Administration Console: When exporting data in Excel, some of the floating values are displayed as dates

Live Guide 5.6

Release Date: March 2012


  • Remote assistance: give operators limited remote control over customers’ computers (optional add-on available to all versions)
  • Remote view: give operators the ability to view their customers’ desktops (optional add-on available to all versions)
  • Audio and video chat: Audio and video latency improved (not available in Live Guide Basic)
  • Administrator Console: Administrators can adjust video and audio chat settings to add security (not available in Live Guide Basic)


  • Customer window: Mandatory post-chat forms could be avoided by using the close button
  • Administration: Error when exporting an xml file for customer data
  • Chat button: Online button is not displayed for https pages when using Internet Explorer 9
  • Operator Console: Existing operators cannot log in if they have changed the color settings in the Operator Console
  • Operator Console: Operators cannot log in if their version of Flash Player is not up to date

Live Guide 5.5

Release Date: January 2012


  • Operator Console: give operators a preview of pre-chat form information from the customer (not available in Live Guide Basic)
  • Operator Console: allow operators to see what the customer is typing before the message is sent (not available in Live Guide Basic)
  • Operator Console: improve readability of forms sent by customers (not available in Live Guide Basic)
  • Improved security by introducing IP address restrictions (not available in Live Guide Basic)
  • Operator Console: Spell checker


  • Display issues on the form which is shown when no operators are online
  • Images inserted with an HTML href link in language presets would not show
  • Space would be reserved for the “Send e-mail” button even when an offline e-mail is not used
  • Chat button: Chat button would appear offline even when operators were in fact available for chat
  • Administration: Some of the data for operators did not appear in Statistics
  • Operator Console: In some situations – for example when a customer left chat or a different customer sent a message – focus would be moved away from the chat input field
  • Operator Console: Occasionally the queue was not updating until the operator had logged out and back in again
  • Operator Console: When the connection was temporarily broken, any text that the operator had typed in the chat window would be lost
  • Operator Console: If a customer was transferred from one operator to another, the chat log was not transferred

Live Guide 5.1.1

Release Date: September 2011


New graphics for the default call buttonsStatistics optimization


  • Administration: Pre-chat form does not show up correctly under Customer data / Forms
  • Operator console: Chat log does not get displayed when the customer is transferred
  • Operator console: In some situations the call does not get displayed in the queue
  • Administration: Response time charts are not being displayed correctly

Live Guide 5.1

Release Date: July 2011


  • Customer Console reconnect
  • SSO authentication and licensing
  • SecuritySeparation of environments (trial vs production)


  • Operator console: Copy & Paste issues
  • Departments not displaying under tools
  • Email export error

Live Guide 5.0

Release Date: April 2011


  • Call center reporting
  • Administration redesign
  • Operator console enhancements


  • Operator console: Data is not properly loaded into the history tab
  • Operator console: Order of items saved in the settings area is not correct
  • Call button displaying incorrectly in Internet Explorer 9
  • Administration: Sorting in statistics area is not working correctly
  • Administration: Sometimes the tools are not loading correctly
  • Operator console: Remove a form from the tree does not remove it in the Operator console as well

Live Guide 4.2

Release Date: July 2010


Hourly statistics reportLive Guide for emailCustomer information panel improvements


  • Customer console: Some buttons do not display the full text
  • Customer console: Radio buttons do not work correctly in the forms area
  • Customer console: Offline form looks different in the live environment compared to the preview area
  • Operator console: Queue does not get refreshed in all the situations; customers still seem to be in the chat even if they are not
  • Administration: Domains containing 2 groups like cannot be added
  • Operator console: Sending the email from the Operator console triggers two emails instead of oneIf an operators sets himself as busy, all existing customers are disconnected

Live Guide 4.1.1

Release Date: February 2010


  • Operator console: Calls are not getting even though the operators are logged in
  • Administration: Pre-chat form statistics are not available
  • Operator console: The chat history is displayed twice when opening a conversation with one of the customers
  • Customer console: Text field is not displayed correctly in the form
  • Customer console: The alert text for mandatory form cannot be edited
  • Operator console: Customers still come into the queue even if all operators are set as “busy”
  • Customer console: The picture displayed for the operator is the default one instead of the actual operator images
  • Operator console: The log with the customer is not trasferred to the operator in case of a transfer
  • Administration: The form preview is not working

Live Guide 4.1

Release Date: January 2010


Operator console: Reconnect improvements


  • Time zones do not work correctly
  • Operator console: Two support rooms are displayed
  • Customer console: Customer is always shown “Number 1” in queue
  • Operator console: While transferring a customer, the customer is displayed as undefined in the queue
  • Operator console: Time on site is displayed incorrectly
  • Sometimes the call button is loading slowly on the website
  • Administration: The HTML tags are not properly saved in the text field for Forms
  • Administration: The exported excel file from the Statistics is not working

Live Guide 4.0

Release Date: December 2009


  • Live Banners integration into the Administration console
  • Paging in the Operator console
  • Netop On-Demand bundling
  • Customer console resizing


  • Customer console: Email is not sent when requested by customers
  • Administration: Date and Time format are not being displayed correctly in all the places
  • Danish vowels are not displayed correctly in the page title
  • Customer console: Uploaded images (logo + operator image) do not re-size to the maximum dimensions
  • Administration: In statistics, “clicks” are always 0
  • Operator console: The dates from the history screen are not displayed
  • Operator console: The “chatting with” column does not get refreshed properly
  • Operator console: If the operator logs out while being busy, the status does not refresh next time he logs in

Live Guide 3.0

Release Date: August 2009


  • Integration with Artificial Solutions’ chat bot
  • Porting to Flex for the Operator console


  • Operator console: Multiple categories are not being saved
  • Operator console: Customer’s video is lost when he is transferred back
  • Administration: In the tools area, the copy feature does not work
  • Administration: Under form results the filters do not work correctly