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In one of our past articles we talked about a live chat feature called proactive chat. We learned that proactive chat is a way to actively engage site visitors at critical moments while they are on your website. Perhaps you’re wondering why you’d want to add this feature to your live chat solution and how you would benefit. If so, you’ll learn the answers to these questions below.

Why use proactive chat?

Proactive Chat BenefitsIt used to be that the standard for customer service was reactive, where customers had to initiate contact to ask questions or request assistance. This contact was made solely through a phone call or by clicking on a website’s chat request. Now, higher levels of service are expected by customers. They want companies to anticipate their needs. In fact, Forrester found that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Proactive chat is a way to actively engage site visitors at key moments when they need these questions answered, so your service agents may address them. This is why you should use proactive chat.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Proactive chat is an excellent way to anticipate customer needs before they become customer problems or frustrations. This, in itself helps increase customer satisfaction. They sense that you care enough to do so and you are making their experience effortless as well.
  • More frequent purchases: Satisfied customers become loyal customers who develop a level of trust in your company. Making it easy for customers to do business with you, will make these loyal customers become repeat customers as well.
  • Increased average order size: The ability to cross-sell and upsell during proactive chat sessions cause an increase in average order size. This is a result of site visitors becoming aware of special offers and deals such as quantity buy offers, bundled purchases, and add-ons that that might not have otherwise known about.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment: As mentioned in our previous article, a Forrester Research study showed a 30-40% reduction in shopping cart abandonment after the implementation of proactive chat. Answering questions, and assisting site visitors with processes they are uncertain about, prevent them from navigating away from your site before they have completed the checkout process.
  • Reduced site and page bounce rate: There are a number of reasons that site visitors may navigate away from a page on your website quickly. It may simply be that the page doesn’t contain the information that were looking for, and that it has nothing to do with your actual site – just the description in their web search results. Unfortunately, other reasons include confusing information or poor user experience (UX) as well as very complex information. This is where proactive chat can help by offering assistance and clarification before site visitors can leave. This will result in a lower bounce rate.
  • Cost containment: Proactive chat is not only a customer service channel, it is an effective method of reducing call volume. This results in a reduction in customer service costs because live chat agents are able to conduct concurrent chat sessions.

With benefits like these, why aren’t you using proactive chat on your website? Want to learn more about proactive chat and how you can start using it? Contact us at Live Guide Chat to speak with a specialist or schedule a demo. We offer ready to install and customized live chat solutions that include proactive chat.

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