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Get face-to-face instantly with your online visitors across platforms. No download required.

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Face-to-face service directly from your website

Imagine being able to bring the equivalent of that friendly “Hi, may I help you?” to the Internet.

Using live audio and video, Live Guide Chat brings a new dimension to online customer service and sales. With a simple click, website visitors can communicate with your service agents using text chat and then switch seamlessly to audio and video.

Provide a more personal service to your customers with voice and video chat

We are social creatures. Customers usually prefer talking to a real person, especially in certain, more delicate situations. In certain industries, where trust and confidentiality are important, a face-to-face interaction could mean the world. With our audio and video features, conversations can switch seamlessly from text to a face-to-face interaction and a personal service situation.

This way, customers feel like they are doing business with a real person and not with a faceless company. 

Moreover, the personal touch of your sales or support team might be essential. According to an study, 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase. Also, when receiving this type of personal support, buyers tend to make decisions faster and spend more on average. In this fast-paced world, customers expect the same type of personal advice as they would receive in a brick-and-mortar store. With physical locations giving way more and more to the online environment, you want to make sure you don’t lose your loyal customers. 

Use a personal service approach to turn regular chats into sales conversations on your website or e-shop

face-to-face directly from your website

Live Guide Chat extends the value and immediacy of live chat with audio and video.

face-to-face directly from your website

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