Hands-on customer service

With Co-browsing, you can resolve questions faster, keep customers engaged and increase sales.

In co-browsing, chat operators and customers share a browser window – your operators literally guide your customers through the online experience.

Hands-on customer service

This optional module brings powerful sales and support
capabilities to your team. Now your customer and your service
agent are on the same page – looking at the same information
at the same time.

The result: more accurate form completion,
faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

What is co-browsing software?

Short for collaborative browse, co-browsing is the ability for customer support teams and customers to view and navigate the same web pages together in real time. This type of software allows agents to see what their customers are seeing in their browser and jointly navigate with them in real-time in order to provide better customer service.

Why use this kind of software?

While phone and chat are perfect for certain situations, sometimes it’s really difficult to describe, analyze and fix a problem through verbal or written communication alone. Co-browsing software enables your customer service agents to see exactly what the customer is seeing, leading to faster resolution of whatever problem the customer is having.

With co-browsing capabilities, your agents can help a customer:

  • Fill out complicated forms
  • Change account settings
  • Navigate their way through a purchase
  • Find the right page or product on the website
  • Demonstrate features of a device or application

Guide your customers around your site and to other web-based resources through a shared browser window.

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