Engage Online Customers with Proactive Chat

Proactively invite website visitors to chat with your service or sales team to increase conversions and satisfaction.

Proactive chat increases conversion rates

Proactive chat is your helpful sales rep, reaching out to visitors on your website at just the right time.

Research shows that only 2-3 % of visitors to your website actually buys something or fill in a form. On the other hand Forrester found that an investment in proactive capabilities will produce an incremental 105% ROI.

You created a great website and probably spend a lot of marketing budget to get people to visit. Now, don’t let those important leads slip away. Reach out and engage!

Proactive Chat
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Convert website visitors into customers

Reach new prospects and increase customer engagement with this Live Guide proactive feature. Proactive chat sends an invitation to chat with website visitors anywhere on your site. If a prospective customer has been browsing a web page for a period of time, Live Guide reaches out with a chat message tailored to the product or page your customer is looking at and then routes the chat accordingly. Moreover, using our extended triggers feature, you can send an invitation to EXACTLY the customers you target.

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