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Designed for optimal operator efficiency, with intuitive controls and a customizable interface.

Best-in-class user interface and features

At Live Guide we constantly strive to provide the best possible experience for the operator. From the natural left-to-right workflow, to the time-saving tools, to the carefully calibrated visual contrast and font sizes, every aspect of the Operator Console is designed to reduce fatigue and increase productivity, creating a friendly experience your agents can enjoy for multiple consecutive hours at a time.

The comprehensive set of productivity features in Live Guide complement this experience, making Customer Support with Live Guide Chat even easier.

Best-in-class user interface and features

Prepared responses

Handle multiple inbound requests simultaneously with prepared responses. This dramatically increases the response speed and reduces your operating and support costs.

Preview Chat

Get a real-time preview of what a customer is typing, even before they hit send. This enables operators to have the right answer even faster.

History and logs

See all previous contacts with the customer, and notes that have added to their profile. Operators now have the information and perspective they need to provide personalized and efficient service.

Desktop Notifications

Make sure your agents can multitask without needing to check back-and-forth between Live Guide and other software for fear of missing an incoming chat or message. Even when a different window is hiding the chat interface, notification bubbles appear whenever something requires attention.

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