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There are various types of live chat solutions available with many different options. How can you be certain that you have the platform that is best suited for the needs of your organization? Let’s take a look at some key elements you should keep in mind as you evaluate whether you have the right chat solution for your business.

Chat with customers on the goMobile ready
No longer optional, being mobile ready is a must-have attribute of live chat today since many people browse websites from various devices. If your chat software doesn’t have this option, many chat opportunities will be missed. So be sure that your chat solution functions regardless of what device or operating system your site visitors are using.

Social Media and Email
Does your chat solution function on social media and email? Doing so allows you to meet your customers where they are and lead them to your website. If you don’t have this functionality, you’re missing out on many opportunities to interact with prospects and customers. Don’t make them work harder to reach out to you. Be sure you include this capability in your live chat solution.

Multiple Chat OperatorsScalable
Will your live chat platform grow and evolve as your company does? Make sure you have one that your company won’t outgrow – one that accommodates an unlimited number of chat agents. And, be sure it includes multi-language spell check, so agents can confidently communicate with customers from around the world as your audience expands.

Is your chat solution built with the level of security expected or required by your industry?
There are so many risks associated with online communications today. Live Chat securityChat security provides your customers with the confidence to engage with your agents. For optimum security your platform should include 256-bit SSL encryption. And be sure that your solution is also hosted within a secure data center for an additional layer of security to protect the privacy of you and your customers. Plus, a data masking feature means targeted information is never shown and can never be stored. This takes security and privacy compliance to the next level.

Your business is unique so why use an off-the-shelf chat solution? Make sure that your platform can be customized to create the specific chat experience you desire for your customers. Tailoring it in such a way allows for click-to-chat buttons and proactive chat invitations consistent with your website and branding. The ability to customize based on specific campaigns as well provides different experiences for different types of visitors and will be available in the right chat solution. And, of course, CRM and API Integrations further tailor the chat solution to your organizations specific needs while increasing the value it delivers.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Don’t let a shortage of reporting options limit your ability to monitor operator and campaign performance. Shouldn’t your chat solution allow you to do so with the detail and analytics of your choosing? Exportable reports simplifies sharing of reports with key team members too. Shouldn’t you have the benefit of these deeper insights into customer behavior and the ability to improve contact center efficiency? Extensive reporting capabilities make it easy, so make sure your solution provides you with the information that you need.

So, do you have the right chat solution?

These elements can make all the difference in the value that your chat solution delivers to your business. Be sure to carefully consider each one when determining if you have the right chat solution. Perhaps it’s time to try one that’s a better fit? Live Guide Chat offers these elements and more to create a secure, tailor-made live chat solution for you. If you’d like to learn more, contact us to speak with a specialist or to schedule a demo.

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