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Supervisor Console

A Supervisor Console will help the  customer service manager assist the staff to deliver the best possible experience for the customers.

The Supervisor console is a set of tools that enables the supervisor to control chat quality to ensure consistent service and high customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the situations where the supervisor console is useful:

View conversations

Supervisors can monitor any ongoing conversation in the team. This means that the supervisor is able to step in and provide support for the team members.

Whisper to an operator

Supervisors can follow a conversation and whisper to the operator if they have issues, they are unable to resolve themselves. The customer can’t see the messages between the supervisor and the operator.

Request help from a supervisor

If an operator needs help during a chat with a customer, he can easily ask the supervisor for help.  The customer can’t see the messages between the supervisor and the operator.

Supervision during training

Sometimes new staff need an extra hand with a complicated chat. Supervise ongoing chats without being noticed by the chatting agents and visitors and conduct real-time coaching through internal chats to control live chat quality.

This way, new agents can practice handling clients in real customer service situations with an expert available whenever a difficult question comes up.

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