Q: How do I change my Live Guide Administrator password?

A: Click here to reset your Aministrator Password. Make sure you are logged out of netop.com.

  1. Enter the E-mail address and click the [Send instructions] button
  2. Follow the instructions received by e-mail.

Q: How do I change my Live Guide Operator password?

A: Go to your Operator Console login screen

  1. Click the [Forgot your password?] link
  2. Enter the e-mail address and click [Send instructions]
  3. Follow the instruction received by e-mail.

Q: Does Live Guide work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, you can connect to Live Guide via any mobile platform.

Read more about our System requirements here.

Q: Where do I need to go to make a trial request?

A: You can Request a Free Trial here.

Q: Does Live Guide require any installation?

A: Live Guide is a software-as-a-service, fully hosted, so there is nothing to download, install or maintain.

Q: Does Live Guide have an Audio-Video feature?

A: Yes, Live Guide provides text, audio and video chat. Audio-video is available on mobile devices as well.

Q: Can I integrate Live Guide chat into my Facebook page?

A: Yes, you can add live chat functionality to your Facebook page.

Read more about implementing Live Guide Chat on your Facebook page here.

Q: Why is co-browsing not working for me?

A: In order for co-browsing to work, the Monitor tag needs to be embedded into the page that is being co-browsed.
The Monitor tag can be retrieved from Live Guide Administration >Setup > Code Builder.

Q: Why is my chat button offline?

A: To see the chat button in online mode you need to make sure that:

  • An operator from one of the departments that answers chats is logged on
    (click the link on the Operator console page and log on with operator name and password).
  • The campaign is active
    (check the campaign start and end date from the campaigns page).
  • The current time is within the campaign opening hours
    (check the campaign schedule from the Campaigns page, under Edit campaign> Opening hours).

Q: How can I make proactive chat appear on my website?

A: First you need to define a proactive chat and proactive chat web pages.
This is done from Live Guide Administration > Settings > Proactive chat.

  • Next, in order to enable proactive chat on your web pages, you need to place the Monitor tag code on all pages.
  • On the Setup menu, click Code builder and follow the steps on the page to have the code generated.
  • Copy the code beneath the Monitor tag heading, and paste it at the end of all pages, right before the </body> tag

Read about setting up the Proactive chat here.

Q: Can I export Live Guide data into my own system?

A: Yes, Live Guide provides an easy way to export data into various formats, like PDF, XML, CSV, CSV for Excel.
The exported data can then be imported into Customer Relationship Management systems, and be further processed in already existing company flows.

Read more about exporting data for processing in other systems here.

Q: Do you have any APIs I can use to export Live Guide data?

A: If you don’t have access to Live Guide Administration you are able to pull logs and forms data using our Export API.
For this you need a specific URL and a number of parameters to filter the required data. The data export format is XML.

Read more about the command and parameters for exporting data using an API here.