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The holidays are upon us… which means that for retailers, the most crucial time of the (sales) year has begun. It’s the end of October so this means there is one more month left until the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and two months left until Christmas. How can you make the most of this sales period? And how can you use live chat this holiday season?

2020 was and still is a special year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still raging, most probably there will be some restrictions related to roaming around in public places, including malls and shopping centers. Also, there may be some movement restrictions. Expect online sales to soar even more than expected. Just because we won’t visit each other as much this holiday season, that doesn’t mean we won’t shop as much or give presents. 

Let’s start with the not-so-sexy-but-crucial advice

prepare your online shop with live chat for holiday sales

  1. Preparations should begin earlier than the actual sales period. There are technical aspects you should take into account (site speed, server space and the checkout process). Also, keep in mind there are certain intermediary milestones that can lead to sales (like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Green Monday and the social media and content campaigns associated with them). Last but not least, focus on the central aspect of this article – using live chat to increase efficiency during the sales periods
  2. The time is now. As shoppers flock online in advance of the holidays, you want to be sure you’re not missing big opportunities. Make sure your online shop can handle the increased traffic volume. Also, check your site speed – most users will bounce if the requested page doesn’t load quickly. Make sure your checkout process is as good as it can be – speed and ease of use are crucial and also you could take into account adding extra payment options. Also, make sure you have everything backed up: from product info and photos to the actual code. If anything goes awry during high-sales periods, you can have everything back online quickly. It would be ideal to start as soon as possible so you won’t get crowded with these operations when the time comes to make the actual sales. 
  3. Also, make sure that you plan and program all your discounts and promotions. Apply the appropriate discounts on specific days, display them clearly and add a countdown banner. And don’t forget to promote them on all your communication channels.

These should do the trick of getting you set up for the highest sales season of the year. 


Roll out live chat for holiday sales efficiency

live chat efficiency holidays

This is one of the best times of year to introduce live chat to your online audience. In fact, it’s a trend. Many businesses invest in live chat in the lead-up to the holidays – and there’s a reason: EFFICIENCY

Live chat improves the quality of your customer service, reduces shopping cart abandonment, provides service via a highly-preferred channel, and meets customers’ needs faster. That spells customer satisfaction. It also spells a spike in conversions

Ok, let’s start off easy. All the stats from our customers are here. First of all, you can customize the live chat solution exactly how you want, in a way that would reflect your brand or your offers. Secondly, it is easy to get started, installation is easy and involvement from the IT department is minimal. Thirdly, we have top-in-class UI and features, which will give your operator the best experience. 

Now, let’s talk numbers. Real numbers. When using proactive chat, our feature that can help you engage EXACTLY the customers you want, you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment by 30% and increase your average order size by 20%. Pretty good, right?


Why have Live Chat on Black Friday

live chat for black friday

Why have live chat available on your online shop on Black Friday? Here are a few reasons. 

  1. You could get a slice of a big (financial) pie. Here are a few statistics from last year and prospective growth. Last year, in the US, 40% of people bought online. And that was last year. The number of online shoppers is expected to grow to 61%. However, this is an estimate made after Black Friday stats were published. With the coronavirus pandemic on our hands, that proportion could get much higher. And it is to be expected that this trend would happen all over the globe. Last year, Americans spent 7.4 billion USD on Black Friday, while the Brits spent 1.49 billion USD. For this year, higher revenues are to be expected. 
  2. How people behave on Black Friday. By knowing some of the insights about Black Friday, you might be able to get new customers. For example, a recent study revealed that 69% of Germans only buy online on Black Friday. Also, on Black Friday 2019, smartphones accounted for 67% of traffic, but only 54% of the orders – that means that most people do their shopping lists online, but complete the purchase via desktop or laptop. With live chat for mobile, you will be able to turn some of those shopping lists into actual orders. 
  3. A direct approach via live chat means a significantly higher chance of getting the purchase. Say your prospective customer has a question about the size of those shoes or the dimensions of that fridge you’re selling. Getting his question answered fast and directly will likely get you the sale. Eliminate all the potential fears, convoluted conundrums and time constraints of your customers by using live video chat. Acting fast and offering direct consultancy means a clearer way to more sales.


Why have live chat on Cyber Monday

live chat for cyber monday

  1. You definitely need to have a Cyber Monday promotion and you definitely need to have live chat available on your online shop when the day rolls out. Why? Here are some surprising stats for you to ponder. Are you ready? 
  2. In 2019, Cyber Monday sales in the US totaled 9.4 billion USD. Yes, you read that right. That’s more than the total revenue from Black Friday sales. According to Forbes, smartphone sales grew by 46% compared to the previous year and also shoppers spent 41% more than in 2018. The trend is expected to grow for this year. 
  3. What does this mean for you and your business? A bigger money pie and a higher chance to take a bigger slice. With Live Guide Chat, you can have an unlimited number of operators assisting shoppers (and taking orders). Also, you can have multiple campaigns inviting users to chat, campaigns that can be customized for each offer, landing page or product category in your online shop. 

On Cyber Monday, Live Guide Chat can help you turn those visitors into customers. 


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

live chat for christmas sales

Online Christmas shopping usually ends around the 22nd of December, the last day of taking orders to be fulfilled before the big day.  While we can’t save you from the long and high-stakes hours before that fateful day, we can help you take advantage of them. But why all this effort?

Around 19% of all yearly sales are made between Black Friday and Christmas. This is something that you should definitely take advantage of. 

By deploying live chat on your online shop ahead of Christmas, you can enhance the overall efficiency of your online business. Usually, businesses have a hard time maintaining the same level of customer service during the holiday season due to the traffic increase. 

The main reason for shopping card abandonment during Christmas sales is the delay of response. Increased customer rush usually translates into lower quality customer service and lost sales. By using live chat support, you can immediately respond to customer queries. Live chat is fast and is one click away. Live Guide Chat can also give you quick access to customer data. With the help of detailed reporting and pre-chat surveys, your agents can personalize the service given to your potential customers.  


To sum up…

Adding live chat this holiday season to your online shop can make a palpable difference at any time of year, but at no other time of year is the difference likely to make as much of an impact as it can right now. Impress your customers: bring your service to the next level this season, and watch the ROI come rolling back to you. Because on Black Friday, there is a big segment of people who just think “Buy! Buy! Buy!” and “More! More! More!”. Advantage: you & your business.


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